Another Ascension Opinion Thread

Yup, another ascension thread! For those who don’t know me; I am the most indecisive human being on the planet(I love reset emblems!). Anyway, I have been hoarding ascension materials for awhile and feel that I really need to just make a decision. My alliance has been helpful, but I was hoping for a few more opinions.

Factors: Alliance currently runs blue tanks but we have plans to change to purple. Currently using Alasie as a tank for war.
Raid Defense: Alasie+16, Mitsuko+16, Kunchen+18, Drake Fong+18, Kingston+18

My available ascension materials(I have plenty of 3* mats):
Damascus Blade: 10
Tome of Tactics: 14
Farsight Telescope: 19
Mysterious Tonic: 9
Mystic Rings: 22
Poison Darts: 21
Royal Tabard: 9

I think I’m mainly looking for thoughts on blue, red, and yellow.

My maxed 5*s(18 total) with options:

Purple(5 maxed): Kunchen+18, Hel+8, Obakan+6, Seshat, Guardian Panther.
Options: Kageburado(3/70), Victor(2/60), Grimble, Thoth-Amun, Domitia, Quintus, duplicate Kunchen, duplicate Seshat.
Thoughts: Yeah, Kageburado hands down. Only reason I haven’t ascended him is that I like to have at least a full set of mats available in case something unexpected happens. Especially with season 3 coming out. If anyone thinks that I really should max him right now, then I’ll consider it.

Yellow(4 maxed): Drake Fong+18, Poseidon, Vivica, Leonidas.
Options: Ranvir(3/70), Guinevere(3/70), Inari(2/60), Guardian Owl(2/60), duplicate Poseidon, Neith, Justice, Joon(with costume), duplicate Leonidas.
Thoughts: I am strongly leaning toward Joon with costume.

Green(3 maxed): Kingston+18, Lianna(with costume maxed), Evelyn.
Options: Lady of the Lake(3/70), Horghall(2/60), Elkanen(2/60), Atomos, Duplicate Kingston, Margaret, Duplicate Evelyn, Morgan Le Fay, Kadilen.
Thoughts: I would like some more green hitters… but I was thinking Lady of the Lake. Same problem that purple has, I only have enough for 1 5*.

Red(3 maxed): Mitsuko+16, Marjana+6, Grazul.
Options: Puss in Boots(3/70), Khagan(3/70), Anzogh(2/60), Azlar(2/60), Elena(2/60), duplicate Grazul, Natalya, Duplicate Marjana.
Thoughts: This is the toughest one… I’m close to having enough mats for 4 red 5*'s and I just… well, I don’t care for the options really. My play style tends to gravitate toward snipers and I feel like I need more hitters in red, but I had thought about Puss in Boots… I don’t know! Thoughts?

Blue(3 maxed): Alasie+16, Ariel, Frida.
Options: Miki(3/70), King Arthur(3/70), Master Lepus(3/70), Thorne(3/70), Duplicate Ariel, Vela, Duplicate Alasie, Isarnia(with costume).
Thoughts: We fight 10-11* titans, so Miki can survive one hit at 3/70… I like the idea of maxing him though. Problem is that I would only use him for titans. I thought about Vela, but I’ve heard everything from “she’s amazing” to “She is below average”. We faced red tanks last war, so King Arthur could be useful. Master Lepus hits hard. I have Isarnia’s costume… tough call. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t post much any more but your situation intrigued me. My thoughts:

Kage. Now.

Joon, Inari, Neith. Really rounds out your yellow choices

Lady. You have three of the best green hitters already maxed

Puss, Elena. Puss is good I think, and Elena is nice in very fast tournaments. You have so many materials you may as well

Lepus. Paired with Frida he is very nasty, and Frida makes Arthur less urgent. Miki next.

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Yeah, I know how great Kage is. I also have a level 11 mana troop for him. I should max him… I just hate having less than a full set of mats.

Joon was who I was definitely leaning toward. Inari though? She seems very… eh.

I’ll probably go with Lady, thanks. It’ll be good to have a 5* healer in every color.

Puss is good? He seems kinda niche.

Lepus. His defense down bugs me, but I do agree that he can be really good. Stinks that Frida is average instead of fast :frowning:

Emblem her and take the Mana node and slap a lvl 17 mana troop on her. She’ll charge with your fasties

That is a lot of emblems. I’d have to level the mana troop, too. Might be worth it, but it’ll take awhile. I have Falcon max emblemed right now.

Fast, cheap, effective <— pick two.

As a moderate spender, I’d usually go with fast and effective. I’ve never spent on troops though.

I’ll worry about Frida later :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you agree with maxing Lepus?

Always great reading your posts Stephen. Agree maxing kage, a beast. I’d wait on red, none of those scream “”I need those on my team”. You have a top defensive team now, kunch as the tank will be solid. Especially next to that Drake monster!

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Haha, thanks! I’m glad I can be around for comic relief :wink:

I guess I will max Kage when I finish my second Rigard. He is definitely worth it.

I wasn’t planning on changing my defense, I just want more war depth. Although, holding to see if I pull JF might be worth it… then again, I have so many rings I’d like to max someone…

Do you guys think I should wait for JF? To replace Mitsuko. Wish I had GM for that slot instead, but don’t think that is happening… would JF make a decent substitution? Assuming I get him…

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