Yellow-Purple and Red-Blue-Green nearness as rule

Hi people, I recently had an exchange of view about defense composition strategy.
An old ally mate, looking to my defense, sayd to me that it’s good but…

i should swap JF with Joon :scream: :scream:
When i asked why, he told me that the strong-weak color must always be near.
I think it’s a limited point of view and the sinergy between heroes isn’t made only on their color, but on their special, their speed and so on.
But i’m curious to know what the community think about it :upside_down_face:

I would leave it as is

Probly want a better purple wing at some point though; sartana or jabber or seshat would be good

Maybe even clarissa

With those heroes would put JF Vela Telly Kage Joon.

Kage’s utility is lost in wing imo + any Grazul etc prevention that ppl will use for Telly/Vela will run out by the time JF hit so eventually he can finish off the job

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Ty Rigs! English isn’t my first language so prolly i didn’t explained myself: my question isn’t purely on my defense (i need some stronger purple and yellow, i know :smirk:), i’m asking if the color thing is correct as my mate said or if it’s better to look at the heroes cards

it sounds a good idea, ty!

It’s situational but hero’s cards then color imo

Synergy > colors but does sorta need both, especially if possible

And while i do agree with @AS2019 about kage typically

In this case i believe the DoTs from the 2 flanks and the mana debuff from telluria, kage will be fine where he is but typically is better in flank than wing


When we ran yellow tanks, purple tanks were common

Dispel on left, if not a dispel then we put it on right since green was typically on left due to alberich or mn being resurrection heroes who should always be placed on left wing

So my defense for example was:

Alberich kage guin marjana finley

If kage didnt dispel then

Alberich marjana guin ursena finley

For examples.

Other option could have been:

Finley marjana guin ursena kingston

Last setup would have put defense debuffer to the left, a sniper on each side and an AoE on each side while also keeping the tank’s opposite color at flank. Yellow tank, purple flank. Green tank, blue flank. Etc

Now flanking green tank with red and blue puts 3 colors at a disadvantage

Red is weak vs the blue flank
Blue is weak vs the green tank
Green is weak vs the red tank

So that’s why it’s such a common setup

But yea if it’s crap synergy then the color setup wont be all that effective outside of some really bad war boards

Hope all that makes sense and helps answer your question

Now you said not only about defense.

Offense i don’t run rainbow but if i did then yea hero card > color for placement every time

Now if you’re color stacking; then color placement can become more important in offense

Like if you’re in war and using 2 greens and 3 purple in your team vs a team with gravemaker flank, i prefer setting the 2 greens far apart so that gravemaker can’t hit both at the same time


The basic rule of your mate exists. And you are right, in defense it may also depend on the order of the specs. But as @rigs described it, there are a few more rules. And if you adapt your defense team, your opponent will do the same with his attack team. Sometimes it’s a matter of feeling good and trying something out. Like breaking the rules… :crazy_face:

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