Switching back to red tanks soon, ideas?

After Telluria got her claws cut we will go back to red tanking in war. These are my options, will hunt next Hotm too since being poor on blue. I think Baldur can be a devastating tank, not so sure how to assist him, JF as a tank option too with his synergy with Killhare of course, any ideas? :fox_face:

I think JF can take 3 mono tiles (all heroes for war d are emblemed the health/defense route), Baldur not so sure but his health+ could kill opponents will to fight if he manages to fire. Priority is double red on d since both JF and Francine punish blue attackers big time, double dark with ursena will punish holy ones :thinking: Zim-JF profit from their undispellable skills too etc :thinking: Anyone tested Mica on d so far? :jack_o_lantern:

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Why red tanks? There is one top red tank that is BK but still we dont see him often due to Telluria predominance. I think Telluria still does a really good work as tank, better than any red, but thats just me.

From those red yes, i think JF is the best choice to pick from. You will def up against ice, protect your party from def down(killhare) and damage the whole enemy so kinda you are pushing your enemy to bring a dispeler and a cleanser. Or a Malosi to shut down JF


Oh, forgot to say that we dont have too many tellurias or heimdall, we have some Bk and many great flanks for red tanks which now have to work as tank like kadilen (only one with costume unfortunately, so no good tank). 2nd thought is that imo blue is the weakest attacking color and the hardest to obtain great heroes from events etc., were not facing the buy-it-all alliances at average :smile:

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The thing with red tanks(JF/BK)is that blue have a great dispelers/cleanses in Sonya/Sonya with costume

Shes wide available , easy to emblem and can charge really fast. With mana bonus and mana node you can drop her to 7 tiles if im not wrong.

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Yes, theres always an Achilles heel, thats why Baldur could be a great tank imo. Oh and another thing I forgot of course is that we have a few mitsuko too. Overall we have better flanks for red tanks than vice versa, still weeks till change, maybe we can obtain a few vanda too and our weaker members at least have emblemed boldtusks too, were an unbalanced army, lv 30 to lv 80 :fox_face:

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Red tanks are also tough because blue is loaded with strong snipers. On top of their strong specials they bring high tile damage to the party too. Pretty devastating for red tanks in general and to top it off, some of the best def down heroes in game are blue and thats not even including elemental def down like Frida and KA.


Youre all correct, but topic isnt red tanks - talk me out of it :rofl:


Touch矇 @vanZille :rofl:

Good luck whoever you go with :+1:


As others said, its not that red tanks are bad, its more that blue is probably most balanced element, with great healers, great dispellers, cleansers, supports, snipers and most of them so easily available even free and cheap players will be able to build strong reliable teams to counter.

Ironically, that comes from a guy who runs red tank on his regular defense :sweat_smile: But I do run Mitsuko who is flanked by Zeline and that actually punishes blues a lot. Francine should also work now in Zelines place. BK overall punishes everyone especially with aggresive flanks. I wouldnt recommend any other tank. Yea some can work, but will be easy to take down with anything but terrible boards.


Thank you, its not that red is the best option in a top100(0)(00) alliance, were just looking to make the best of our rosters. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As an aside, I have been burned to dust a couple of times at least when facing JF at tank. He seriously punishes bad boards at fast mana. So my vote would go to him.


I would go with JF as tank, flanked by Francine & mica, and use Jabberwock & Killhare on the wing. JF works really well against all the blue Def downs.


@vanZille , I have neither JF nor Baldur.

So, speaking as an attacker JF is a pushover. Baldur seems tough by comparison, annoying and hard to kill.

I should mention I almost never stack against the tank, I prefer to remain neutral. Most of the time

Note about Blacky - hes not a good tank. Hes a tile dump. Dispel him, hit him with DoT, wait it out. I love and adore him, mines fully maxed +20, hes still my flank, but hes 10 times better in offense. And better flank than tank IMO.

My reds are weak. Passive except for Marj. One of these centuries Ill get some more rings so I can advance my recently acquired Gravy

Edit: Francine??? Woohoo, amazing!! Gratz! And Killhare of course! Over Jabberwock if I had to choose.

Ninja in defense? Hmmm, not sure

I see you have a similar holy dilemma as I


Bummer you guys arent going purple. Ursena is up there with the absolute best tanks and yours is heavily emblemed.

But thats not the topic. :sweat_smile:

I think Santa is better thank than JF. I cant say how anyone compares to Balder. Tyr can be a real pain anywhere but probably works better anywhere else.

Santa is your tankiest, but also has the fewest emblems.

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I wld be doing jf for sure. Speed, protection for everyone, dot to everyone. Baldur helps himself but in the middle will lose his over health quicker. Santa is solid but no emblems. Good luck!


I have faced a fully emblemed Baldur tank twice. I have lost to a Baldur tank twice. If he gets that HP over max, hes really tough

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@Math-Teacher no we dont cause we only got 2 ursena and 3 kunchen and a flank problem too for that, not one drake etc, were a slowly growing and few paying alliance, so were limited and have to be creative. hate santas look and sleepy speed. @Mallix tank should give time for others, Baldur can do that. But I agree on JF, overall might be better choice, lets see. @Chadmo tested defense version1 with Baldur tank over night, Francine at 3-50 now, 50:50 in diamond. Now testing ursena on left flank and Killhare on right wing to get data, version 3 with JF @HerrKa still hoping for vanda with my remaining 20 eht in November, could be an alternative on tank and great team with her sister from hell Francine, hope Im lucky but already was with Francine from my first 20 Eht. I think mica can do it but probably wont find a spot with all my dark a+ hitters.
Thank you all for taking your time and looking forward to stories about meeting defenses like those in my head :fox_face:


As always there is no perfect tank, neither in red, nor in any other color.

You also need to think about two very different things:

Pvp defense:
Is just a damage race, so baldur surely is a bad choice for that.

War defense:
Consider the possibilities. A good war defense (like old tellu gravemaker vela used to be) means, that people can crush off the fight with less than 10 points.

The perfect defense would mean 0 points for the attacker.

Baldur does have a potential

IF the attacker has a bad board baldur will heal up 1200 each time he fires (manatroop).
Quite possible that you will not be able to beat a +20 baldur with roughly 3000 hitpoints with 3 or 4 specials.
In this case you would have the possible problem that you run out of time until other enemy heroes fire.

IF all war defenses would be:

Finley, gazelle, baldur, Freya, killhare

I think it would be pretty much game over. Luckily such a defense is rare, even om top100 allies.

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agree with this for sure

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Currently testing that one, freya instead of ursena could work too. I like the (possible) protection against both fitting attack colors by JF and Ursena + francine punishing ice attackers too. I guess its best to use fire heroes against that one, but they lack dispelling, should give opponents something to think about (and make mistakes hopefully :smile:)
2nd one is my current war d which is able to do what you said, 0-10 points, I always think about a war d being able to withstand more than 2 hits, that one can with massive meat shield even tell heals less now and her minions are babies :fox_face:

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