Would this defence work if max out everyone


was playing around with heroes i’m working on and figured out this colour combo just might work - any opinions?


Imho it’ll work like a charm.
Drake could be replaced later by a fast blue sniper, but I even now won’t attack…

Looking good, but i would replace onatel, she is not that fearsome in my opinion. maybe you are lucky on frida, alice would fit too!

So, it is not good idea to put two yellows behind dark tank? As both of you suggest to have blue in there?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your lineup. Onatel is a tanky mana controller while drake is a PITA that blinds up to 3… plus you have zeline…?!! I say again, your alliance is fine.


No bad lineup, i just think onatel is a tank too in my opinion. Inari and Queen will eat her for lunch:) I used the opposite for a while, Guin flanked by Kage and Proteus, red hood and zim in corners, didnt really work out:) Leveling Queen to kick out zim and will give it another try when done. How does Kunchen do, don´t have him?

Thanks for input, will consider what to do and maybe play around with those after maxed out. Kunchen, havent really used him yet instead few wars so cant really tell yet. Have maxed Santa as tank atm and Kunchen isnt my first choiche for attack team

It’s ok to flank a purple tank with yellows or the opposite, but it’s still possible to wipe out with neutral color stacking. So having a specific strong hero makes the defence team scarier than the color composition.

But the team altogether is good.

Im not one to ever be in the top 100, but that team would get me into Diamond and keep me there, i say thats a good team

Is no blue hero mean that the opponent doesn’t need to bring a green hero thus they can:

  • Double yellow to kill the tank while still having one purple to fight the flank later?
  • Double purple to kill the yellow flank later while still having one yellow against the tank?

I am in the process of leveling up Kunchen, have everything he needs except levels. I have been toying with this idea for a future defense: Evelyn - Guin - Kunchen - Ares - Lianna (Mother North is a current project). I wonder if this would be effective, or just cause rage quits with all of the healing…

Just hit my 5 month anniversary, so I am still learning, and any input is appreciated.

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