Seeking advice where to go with my war def team

I’m looking for advice what to level for best war defence team using my cards, which are (only 5*):

Fully ascended:
Purple: Ursena, Kageburado
Yellow: Guin, Joon
Blue: Ariel
Green: Lianna, Kingston
Red: none yet, but I have mats for one, presumably Zim
(Joon, Kingston and Kage climbing to 4.80)

work in progress (most sit on 3.70):
Purple: Seshat x2, 2nd Ursena, Domitia, Quintus, Mok-Arr
Yellow: Ranvir x3, Rana, Vivica, Leonidas, Justice
Blue: Frida x2, Miki, Magni, Isarnia, Thorne
Green: Kingston x2, Yunan, Morgan Le Fay
Red: Zimkitha, Red Hood, Anzogh x2, G. Kong, Khagan, Elena x2

My current defence team is:
Kage, Ariel, Guin, Ursena, Liana
(Vivica is not fully ascended yet, Kingston is ascended but on lvl 40 now, same for Kage)

but I’m thinking about something like:
Vivica, Ursena, Guin, Ursena, Kage or maybe
Kage, Vivica, Ursena, Guin, Seshat

What do you think about it? Maybe you see something better that this?

Thanks in advance for any ideas !

Don’t do 2 Ursenas, and I wouldn’t put Guinevere on flank.

Rainbow defense is usually better; unless you have multiple troops of the same color at high levels (which is very unlikely for even those who have been playing 3 years), rainbow puts the best troops out there and makes you less prone to being 2-shotted when your tank is down.

Zimkitha | Frida | Guinevere | Ursena | Kingston

I’d do something like that personally.

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I understand what you are saying about troops and rainbow team. My plan was to force attacker to use tricolor instead of purple or yellow, because of how Guinevere and Ursena counter it, so no stacks of strong color could be used.

One question to your proposal - I always put some kind of general healer in war defence team, so there is a chance, that if attack fails healer at the end would bring everybody back to possibly full health. However you did not propose that. Could you please explain why?

You can put Zimkitha on flank and then put Ariel on the left wing instead, if you want a healer for your war defense team.

Personally though I prefer heroes that can just take out the opponent as fast as possible. Particularly true if your tank is full support and no damage, like Guinevere, her team needs to help her take out the attacker, not stall the match more. It’s far less risky to win that way, than through stalling with healing; at least that’s my experience. I’m sure there are others who might disagree.

How about the following:

Ariel - Zimkitha - Guinevere - Kingston - Seshat

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