War defense

Hey guys, here are all of my maxed 5*

What do you think would be my best war defense? Rainbow? Aegir centered? Or mitsuko?

Perhaps something like this?

Any help is appreciated!

Fighting Aegir is a pain, and even worse so if others in your alliance use him as tank too. I’d go left right Kage, Marjana, Aegir, Mitsuko, Musashi.


I wouldn’t go full purple/yellow if I were you. Too easy to stack against.

And this is coming from someone with no maxed 5* heroes and a max TP just above 3600. I could take out that team in 1-2 flags with halfway decent boards.

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As an alternative, I would also think about Kageburado, Evelyn, Aegir, Elkanen, Marjana.

Evelyn would make Elkanen more effective, green - blue - green is more difficult to stack against. Kage for sheer damage and Marjana for damage + DOT


Yeah, people are really divided on aegir usually. Some find him horrible, others a non issue since a lot of greens are dispellers.

And yeah, that ursena example is a very risky thing, i lack good yellow sniper to do it (although urs3na really discourages yellow stacks)

I like the idea of aegir and then two same colored flanks. I was reprimanded by some experienced players when i suggested it though

@Kerridoc @Garanwyn @Gryphonknight if you guys have any insight it would be appreciated. Tank color is not an issue :slight_smile:

Blue tank with red flanks is a PITA to fight. One of my previous war opponent alliances did that. :unamused:

I’d try that method with my own alliance if we had the heroes to pull it off, but we still have a lot of lower levels who are still working on their benches.

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Yeah, one thing i like here is that mitsuko flank. Could discourage blue stacks, since people tend to stack against flanks if they’re the same color.

I like evelyn and elk on offense but it seems risky on defense. Red doesnt have many dispellers but aegirs buff can still be easily reversed with wilbur

There are a lot of tools to take advantage of Aegir besides dispel, e.g. any Ramming Pulverizer or other -defense hero (e.g. Buddy, Athena). I love Hatter v. Aegir.

With an RGB tank, matched flanks aren’t usually considered wise; it encourages stacking against the flanks. Mitsuko is a nice counter to that strategy, though remember that she’s still vulnerable to blue tiles. If I were going this route, though, I’d more likely choose green flanks, so that a red stack is weak against the blue tank.

@Kerridoc thank you for the input! :slight_smile: Do you think aegir is the best choice for a tank in my roster?

No, I think Ursena is a more troublesome tank. If you yellow-stack against her and don’t get the tiles to kill her before she charges, you’re in a world of hurt. I didn’t like the PYPYP lineup, but something like Marjana / Magni / Ursena / Vivica / Elkanen would be worth trying.

The real point with defenses is you can try them out as raid defenses and get overnight feedback on their effectiveness.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: 20 ursena tanks

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