Need 5* yellow Advice

I need a 5* yellow for my defense team, Joon seems to die so quickly. I’m thinking Malosi or maybe Onatel. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you

Need to see what other heroes you’re working with before I’m able to suggest a solid defensive setup. Though, without knowing more, I’d say Joon is the best [out of those heroes] to use [defensively] if placed in the wings, especially vs Malosi (unless he’s emblemed and Joon is not), whereas Onatel would make a better tank than Joon [defensively].

So, got a photo of your roster/maxed heroes? Can’t be more specific without that information


Thank you, think I will go with Leonadis or Neith.

Leonidas over Malosi? Why?

Malosi joon and Onatel are all better than neith and Leonidas for different reasons.
Joon is great on the wing, malosi offensively is a great hero and Onatel stats and special make her viable both on offense and defense.

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Depending on how deep your bench is, it’s probably unwise to pick your ascensions for defensive reasons…

You’ve got some good heroes there, but you’ll get far more out if you pick based on building attacking teams.


Was looking for a rainbow defense team I have Joon @ +10 just find he dies quickly. I have 13 maxed 5* and another 5 at 3/70, just waiting for mats.

Hmm… I personally still wouldn’t pick for defence, but that’s up to you.

Yes Joon can be squishy, but he performs well on defence generally, as long as he’s at wing.

Without knowing your heroes in all colours it’s hard to suggest anything.

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In my honest opinion not Malosi on defence. He is much better in offence.
Now without knowing what your full roster is, it’s going to depend what emblems you have available or if you have Joons costume …
Joon plus costume gets my vote 100%
But if you don’t have the costume and you can put more wizard emblems on Onatel then she is great in a defence Team.
Hope that makes sence
Good luck

I agree with @BubblesUK re building your offense and not worrying about defense too much.

You said that Joon dies too quickly on defense. How do you know that? I would love to see my defense team in action, but thought there was no way to so so. So you have a secret trick?

Do you have Joon on the wing as @RandaPanduh recommends? What yellow troop are you using for Joon.

I agree with the other comments that we can provide more help if you give us a bit more information about the rest of your defense.

Oh, and for what it is worth, I had Joon on my defense for a long time, and still like him. I eventually replaced him with Poseidon when I move Ursena into my defenses.


Sorry everyone I meant offence not defense. Which is why I was thinking Malosi. Even at +10 Joon seems to die quickly. And yes Joon is on the wing with level 10 4* mana troop. And no I do not have his costume wish I did:(. I have him with Ariel+8, Telluria +11, Jean Francois +4 and seshat +10

Onatel is one of the few heroes I still fear. More than almost anyone.

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