Need some help for deciding defense team

I have GTV already. But cannot decide dark/yellow heroes and which position is better.

Yellow: Joon C.Vivica Sir Rooskley Malosi Sif Ranvir
Dark: Quintas Grimble Clarissa

Absolutely I will choose Clarissa for dark even though she is Paladin, but who is better for my yellow, Joon or Sif? And how should I put the position?

Every comments are pleased. Thanks everyone!

I would make it dependent on your war defense. Does your Alliance allow a yellow flank?
Reason is that I would put Sif as flank, and Joon as wing.
I really like to go up against Telluria & Co with purple. With Sif you’d give me a hard time.

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I’ll choose Joon, cause you need a hard hitter.

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If you decide to use GTV, Sif becomes kinda obsolete. I’d choose Joon.


Thanks everyone ! Then I already maxed my Joon, and who should be next to get darts ?

If you’ve maxed Joon (congrats!), it now becomes a question of who’s the best support hero for you to level up for offense. And that is a more challenging and interesting question.

It would be good to know more about the rest of your roster, but since we are talking about support, in the abstract, I would go with Malosi due to his speed.

If you’re already maxing Clarissa, then I think I might wait for another purple? Are there other options on your roster?

Joon for defense, Malosi for atack

Costume joon and clarissa in the wings on defense.
Even without emblems clarissa will be fine on wing with GTV in the middle.

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Sif is a good flank to Telly, but I would choose her only if you would not have vela or gm. I have found that putting either of the two to wing significantly weakens the defense, gtv needs to stay together in the middle. And Sif is not suitable in the wing.

Thus I also recommend Joon and Clarissa for the wing positions. Costume Vivica can be considered for healing wars into the left wing/corner.

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