Yellow Dilemma Like Most

Looking to up my 5th 5* yellow:


Which of the 4 above would you choose and why.

I already have Drake/Rana/Onatel/Joon maxed.

You have already 4 offensive heroes so I’m between Viv and Inari.

  1. I will go with Viv if:
    -You using mono yellow, it always good to have healer.
    -If you weak on 5* healers.

:point_up_2:if ther is 2x NO I will go for Inari


Yes I play mono yellow. My 5th hero is Jackal.

  1. Yes
  2. No

Viv is the conventional choice but Inari is fun to play.

I think Inari would be my pick here.

She seems pretty fun to use.

Viv is Viv, you know what you get.

I like Poseidon myself wish I had him but with what you have one of the above 2 would be better depending on your style and what you want.

For depth I like going with the fun interesting one.

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i would choose Poseidon due on Fast Mana but based on your maxed yellow , you need Healer more , hate to say but Vivica is your best choice

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I already have Mitsuko and Kage. Maybe the Sakura bonus can come in handy.
Too bad no green and blue sakura 4* or 5* or did I miss a hero.

Vivica is definitely the safest choice but unsure about the fun part.

The hero I will up will most likely substitute one of the other 5* on the team.
The king on my mono yellow is the Jackal. :rofl:

Viv can work at 3^70 good enough IMO.
I’m closer to Inari.

I’m kind of in the same situation.
Got Drake, Joon and Onatel maxed.
I do have the choice between maxing Inari, Rana or Ranvir.

I’m tending to Inari, since I have Tarlak and enough yellow offensive heroes. What do you think?

What did you decide to go with? Happy with the choice? I’m looking at Rana, Inari and Musa myself and I can’t decide.

Also any info from @AirHawk would also be appreciated as it looks like you have rana maxed and maybe inari as well…

Is Rana with emblems war tank worthy? One of the biggest frustrations I have with yunan is his heal reduction, so I’d assume she could also be frustrating, especially next to like… gm or something, but I don’t see her in the wild much to test.

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Rana would also be very useful for field aid wars. The healing is quite the pain and the sand empire heroes help reduce the impact of that.

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Rana is definitely worthy of emblems.
Her special is just that powerful and similar to Yunan but only faster. Guaranteed death if you stack her with GM.

I am not sure about the war tank part as I usually use her in flank or wing.
Yellow tanks are not great for the reason that many would use their same anti-Guin team against her or any yellow tank for the matter.


I agree leaving Viv at 3/70 as she can perform her healing abilities with decent health and defense even at that tier and at that level. Mine is left at that but is supported by a high level crit troop to enhance defense and health.

I also have maxed Joon, Drake Fong and Onatel, and I am debating which 5 star holy to ascend: Inari or Rana? I started working on Rana by reason of her offensive damaging skills for wars, especially during field aid, though she is still in her first tier, but I also value Inari, too not only for stacking in raids and in wars, but against purple titans as well due to her insanely high attack stat. I am actually torn between Rana and Inari that I initially planned on getting both of them at 3/70. I have only 6 darts but have the rest of the materials.

Rana can be played on both ends.

Inari is magical on offense.

If you up Rana and include Jackal, you will have the same mono yellow team as mine. :wink:

That’s the problem. Guardians of Teltoc hates me. I don’t have any of the guardian heroes.


Neither do I. Will be pulling for them again next week. All I want is Jackal and Falcon. I don’t feel like that’s asking much just wanting the 4*'s lol

Makes sense. Just looking for a tank that can punish a slow/average start and she seems to be able to do that if you can’t kill her quickly (just faced her in a raid and got my stuff handed to me … though I didn’t have a board that would have faired well vs most tanks). Anyway, something for me to consider … rather max a hero that has a 2 way use then just one… although I guess I could argue use for inari vs titans. Anyway, thanks for the thoughts.

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