Inari or Rana for my next 5* Yellow?

I have the darts to max out one of them. My other 5* yellows that I have maxed are Vivica, Drake Fong and Joon. (only DF has emblems)

Thanks in advance!

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anyone? I’d appreciate any input

The two heroes are quite different and fill completely different roles. Inari could be classified as a support and tile damage hero, while Rana is a balanced damage dealer with a disruptive debuff. If you would like to get a useful response from the community, I would recommend providing us with more information about your whole roster, and what your goals are for ascending either hero, e.g. titans, war bench, challenge events…

If it was me, I’d go inari

800 tile damage for titans

And what i find to be a useful special skill in offensive pvp

I don’t have rana, i haven’t regretted inari and had the same yellow heroes maxed you do. So purely going off my personal experience

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Well I’m mainly trying to strengthen the Yellows on my roster. Like I said the other 5 stars I have are Vivica, Drake Fong and Joon. I also have a few 4 stars like Wu Kong and Li Xiu maxed but other than WK I don’t use them very often )outside of 4 star restricted tournaments). I’m leaning towards Inari, I just want to make sure I pick the hero that will make my yellows balanced out.

I don’t have both but I find out Inari is more annoying in raid due to the dodge for five and the minion. I have to hold my snipers for 3 turn which is quite a waste. And her tiles damage is insane. That really makes a different on titan.

Rana is better in defense due to her damages to three, DoT, healing control and higher d/h stats though.
I’ll go Inari to protect the snipers. As there aren’t many healers in high diamond which is quite a drawback for Rana.

I love my Inari. She’s great on titans, and actually helped carry by defense for a long time. Unless you are specifically looking for a tank I think she’s better than Rana.

I’d vote for Inari too, for the same reasons mentioned above. Her dodge has helped turn the tide in some difficult battles. Although, I’ve found all heros are more likely to dodge when Inari is maxed.

When facing Inari in raids, I haven’t found her difficult to counter but offensely, when you have control of when to fire her special, she shines.

Disclaimer - I don’t have Rana - so my vote is totally and completely biased.

Thanks for the input! Gonna go with Inari.

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I have both- went w rana, no regrets love the heal blocker

I have Rana. She is awesome. Wu Kong got my monk emblems, but now hes maxed and shes getting rest. +6 talent / attack route, and the Damage over Time is 501 dmg or 170 for 3 turns with lvl 15 mana troops. Shes great, and the tile damage is high. Solid, A hero on hero grades as well. Great on D, and offense. Cant complain.

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I have both leveled.

Rana is excellent for wars and in my yellow stack as she stops healers in their tracks while dealing DoT.

Inari is used mainly for titans / quests / events / trials.

Gotta know what you use them for.

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