Ranvir or Vivicia?

*Currently , my yellow team is : Jackal , Joon , Musashi and inari …all maxed (and wu of course)
I’m fighting 9 * titan now …
i got 6 darts …

Whom its gonna be ??

Help please *

Ranvir is very good for titans.

Vivica is great together with Inari.

So what do you want from your 4th 5* yellow.

Raids and high titan hits !! i always go mono at raids !!

For me, there isn’t that much of a jump for Wu to Ranvir. Viv can help your survivability with the Titans as well as being better in raids/AW.

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Ranvir is only titans! He is veeeery poor in everything else. Vivica is the best yellow hero of the game plus she cleanses. It really depends on what you need

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We fight 9* as well and I find my Wu hangs in just fine. I would go with Viv first, better for many more situations.

Do you have any 5* healers? If you don’t, give the darts to Vivica.

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You have 4 attackers already. Ranvir somewhat fills up both roles but better for titans.

Vivica is like an insurance during raids and high survival against tough titans. You can mana pot her to save your team.

So see what you would like your team composition.


In a similar situation I did Viv ahead of Ranvir and haven’t regretted it one bit. Viv is quite a bit more versatile and unless you have Delilah she’ll be your only yellow healer

A lot of people seem to regret Ranvir. On the other hand, if you don’t have him then you’re basically locked into using your monk emblems on Wu, so you can’t use them on Joon.

Viv gets my vote too… I was hesistant to max her but very glad I did.

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Errr… I won’t go so far claiming her as the best yellow 5 star hero. For healing, Delilah is far better than her because of the latter’s average mana speed and the minions, acting as meat shield and attacker. The act of cleansing may even better be done by Ariel and Rigard due to their average mana.

I, too, have Vivica. She was my first 5 star holy hero but stranded at 3/70. I have Drake, Joon and Onatel maxed ahead of Vivica. And I have to contend where my remaining darts go to: Inari, Rana or Poseidon. Justice and 2 Leonidas may never get the darts. Thus, I would rather max Ranvir than Vivica. There is a huge difference between Wu Kong and Ranvir. The latter has higher attack, defense and health, and is thus more tankier and a must have against high level titans than the former. The latter also has damaging offensive skill where the former does not. The latter may have a higher chance to miss, but it has a higher attack boost than the former. Lastly, Ranvir is a HOTM and his natural resistance may be helpful in certain conditions.

Not true. Joon has all my monk emblems. I was using Wu with no emblems. Just need Wilbur to help keep him alive.

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I’m confused now … who to level up !!

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Normal problem. Too many heroes. Not enough mats.

I agree, Joon had all mine until I maxed Drake. I never even thought about giving Wu any. poor monkey

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