Which yellow hero to ascend?

I already have drake full and 3 options for my next yellow. Jhoon, vivica and inari.
First i was thinking on vivica because i dont have any 5* healer. But after i got inari i Wonder if the Atlantis Family Worth because in my defense team i already have kage and mitsuko.
What do you think ?

Sakura family bonus isn’t that huge, even with a full team it’s difficult to recognize. Go Viv, especially since you don’t have any 5* healer.

Inari is fun, but not worth leaving a healer on the bench. She also is meh on the map, since she does nothing against usual monsters but tile damage. Watch my vid in the Trials of Shadows thread, she is charged immediately and will use her special only once at the end. She only shines in raid offense and against dark titans.

Ascension order
Viv => Joon => Inari

Inari before Joon, if you got lots of legendary snipers already.


I would also say Vivica


Joon if you have another maxed 5* healer. Vivica if you don’t


Would say: Joon cause more useful…raid…titan…then viv

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Agree with Olmor. The mana bonus is very endgame, for Mitsuko it requires having a high level mana troop to see the difference.

I would normally say Joon, but seeing how you got Drake already for blindness and no 5* healer, I’d argue Vivica is more worth it for your team.


Joon Joon and Joon.

20 Joons?

Thank you everyone .
I’ll ascend Vivica then. Really need a 5star healer and she is very weak on 70.

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