Yellow 5* choice - Inari, Vivica or Justice

I got a good range of 4* heroes and i wanna ascent my 5* heroes now. I was wondering what thoughts you guys have on a choice between vivica or justice as my first yellow 5*. Any advice welcome

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What do you need more, a healer or a tank?

I got rigard as healer and BT as current tank.
Im not sure which will fit best

If you dont have an other 5* healer already, i would lean towards vivica. Justice is only good for tank or very fast tournaments but a healer can be useful in more situations.


Healers always, other slow heroes aren’t very cool except for rush raid tournaments.


Then vivica it is. Thanks for the advice

An emblemed BT is a sturdy tank. I’d lean towards Vivica. I have both and my Justice is still at 3-70, and with my second Joon also 3-70 she may stay there for a while yet.

Rigard is a first rate healer, but you can never have too many for AW.


Plus if you luck out in the coming months and get a costume for Vivica, she really becomes an even better hero than she already is.

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Viv with costume is now a key hero. Only other yellow with a defense down attack is the recently released White Rabbit. Viv, while slow, has 10% defense decrease over Rabbit, higher atk, 44% heal and dispel making her equal…if not better (at least for titans).


Thanks guys. Appreciate all the input. Its gonna be vivica as i initially planned.


Sorry. A little late to the party.

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Viv, haler and costume thing if you have no 5* yellas

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Something additional. I realise i also have inari. Would she be more versatile for my team? With multiple healers and a good tank, i think that inari might give me more possibilities for now. Would you agree?
I just need 2 more arrows to ascent 2 yellow 5*'s, so i hopefully dont wait to long to ascent 2 yellow 5*'s

Inari is a very good hero, i like and use her a lot but she is not made for defense. So if you are looking for a hero to your defensive lineup she is not the one.

Im looking for attack support

Vivica and preferably with costume. :wink:

I am a little late since I just made this decision between Vivica or Justice. I do have Joon +8 and all the 4* S1 heroes and all the healers at +20 except BT who is only +6 right now.

I decided to go with Viv since I won’t use Justice much except in very fast raid tournament and maybe wars but I am really hoping to get Viv’s costume. It makes her a yellow Kunchen and the only regular hero that does defense down in yellow. Rabbit does that but he is new and very rare. Now I just need to get her costume and at 1 per month it doesn’t look too good. I don’t think they will give 5 keys free each month so I can only get the 6 from the quest. Unless they can pop up in other places.


And what about inari? Im at this moment not much in need of a healer. I thought inari might give me a more versatile gameplay. I hear mixed opinions about her, but at this moment she might give me a more satisfactory gameplay. This choice will be a choice for my first 5* ill be using

Some people like her, some dont. I personally am a great fan of her, she saved my butt so many times. Her buff works in more cases than not and IMO the best part is that she can not only dodge the dmg from a special attack, but any other effects or ailments as well, like Kunchen’s def down, Guin’s mana cut or even Melendor’s dispell. And thats makes her very good IMO, you can create an army of those mana buff meatshield minions by the enemy trying to dispell the dodge. I absolutely recommend ascending her if you dont want another healer right now and looking for offensive support.

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