Yellow 5* which?

Guys 1 question, only had Joon late in the game and leveling him now but also have Bai Yeong, who should I give the darts? Thanks for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Between them is Joon. He hits hard(a true sniper) . Bai has good attack stat (good against titans) and is sturdier but he doesnt hit as hard as him(way less) though Bai has some niche uses like shuting down(partially) AOE heroes (more hits more likely that some of the hits fails). So , if its your first Joon go with him :sunglasses:

Yes is my 1st and only Joom, unfortunately the God’s of the game were on holidays and only remembered to give him to me on my 1st anniversary lol

Joon. U need 1 good sniper on each color

Got Sartana, Marjana, Elkanen and Khagan but didn’t had a yellow one and now got 2 and don’t know who to level up :flushed:

Bai yeong is far from being a sniper . Your real yellow sniper is Joon

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Sorry didn’t mean Khagan, Sonya with 20 emblems is my blue sniper but also have Grimm

And yeah Bai is not a Sniper but in a all hero will I be better off with Bai or Joon? With - 75% accuracy if you hit someone with their mana nearly full nearly sure when they fire it will be a miss

Which is better? Id say Joon. High damage, less blind but with a longer duration. Bai is ok but works differently. To support in a yellow stack contributing with special def up, a nornal hit and a huge blind(niche effect but very useful against AOE hitters).
Joon is more versatile and powerful by himself(you dont need to put him in a yellow stack to take advatage of an elemental link) . With Joon you know that where you are aiming the outcome will be a huge damage and thats it

Jooooon!!! Took me over a year to get him. And he has a costume! Throw resources at the guy, he just gets better!

Remember holy is weak, hard enough to find snipery heroes that don’t miss!

Bai does have a nice niche use, but Joon > Bai in overall use.

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