Bai Young v Joon

I have just pulled Joon from TC20 and have the mats to level a holy hero.Sitting on 3/70 currently are Vivica, Bai Young and Norns. My current levelled holy hero’s are Malosi, White Rabbit and Leonidas. I would never replace the Rabbit on my defence team so it is purely an attacking hero I am after. Either Joon or Bai Young were my thoughts but who will serve me better?


Joon is a better hero for pure attack, especially if you already have Malosi. A lot of what Bai Yeong offers is the ability to incapacitate a single hero. Malosi has as similar role, but at very fast speed. A maxed Joon does excellent damage.

Don’t sleep on Vivica though. You can never have too many cleansing healers.

thank you and if i didn’t have 5 costume rigards levelled i would have considered Viv

Both will require emblems to sharpen their teeth - do you have ranger or monk emblems available?

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Have both in my mono yellow. They both do a job so it’s hard for me to choose. I have Joons costume which makes a big difference but I’d it’s base Joon vs Bai it’s a coin flip.

I do well enough with this build


i have ranger emblems but not monk

Joon - If the only desire is pure attack, he still needs a support hero if you are going for the kill. He is pretty weak on overall survivability but the best s1 snipper.

But I love Bai. In the current meta there are way too many heros that are AOE damage dealers.
Bai makes sure that he blinds such heros. I still use him at 3 70 waiting on darts. He makes the enemy heros miss all the hits, I have never had a hero successfully hit me once Bai hits them. It depends on ur game play. Malosi though neutralizes the Enemys spl, but he still allows them do direct damage. Eg, Alfrike will not cast the mindless attack but she will still deal enough damage with her cubes, but Bai makes sure Alf doesnt land 4 outta 5 cubes on you. Joon rarely kills Alf without a def down and his miss is just meh most times.

If you lack finishers Joon it is, but Bai is a spl panda.

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I would do viv first… next joon if have monk emblems or bai if i have ranger emblems… base joon is fragile

thanks for your input guys

Joon is one of the best snipers and can easily kill of a slightly damaged hero.

Bai Yeong would be better for events or titans.

So conclusion would be Joon and Bai can be next especially for titans.

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