Sir Roostley, Bai Yeong or Joon no costume, who should get the darts

My roster

I need something for my defense team but also for my mono yellow team


Nice rosta you are lacking in fire power on holy, either would be a good fit.
I’d do the rooster :rooster:

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Thanks, I am thinking that i have no fast one and no troops for so many average ones

I’d go with Joon, you don’t have a fast sniper

Sir Roostley is for sure the better choice for defensive purposes if you plan to have a yellow flank. He may also be use as tank buy certainly not as a wing


And for defense, do you need a tank, flank or wing? C Justice would be a great tank, avarage hero works well at flank and fast sniper to the corner

I think in need a wing so i think i will go with Joon(I hope to get his costume too)

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even without costume, Joon will make a good wing.

In my honest opinion, having looked at your Holy heroes in you plan, I would certainly focus on Joon. Put emblems on him and then wait for his costume.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

It is interesting to see how people think about this two hero. So, I create this poll for you.

  • Sir Roostley
  • Joon (no costume)

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Thanks u2371

I’d go for the rooster. Hisl family bonus with your developing Killhare would be helpful on defense on top of the silent 20% bonus on defense. Plain Joon is not just squishy even if emblemed, he is also redundant with your maxed Uraeus, who you only need to support with a level 23 mana troop for him to fire in 9 tiles or a level 11 mana troop if the hero is fully emblemed.

I forgot one option Bai Yeong

Have all 3. Use Joon the most for sure.

I would still do Joon first, you don’t have a finisher

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He already has a maxed Uraeus, which hits a bit harder than plain Joon.

But Joon is fast, he can charge with 4 tiles

No argument that Joon is fast. But he is squishy too without emblems and/or his costume. And he only blinds one enemy as an extra skill. He can only fill his mana using 4 tiles if you are ghosting, just to be clear. Otherwise, you still need 8 favorable tiles for him to charge.

Uraeus on the other hand hits a bit harder than Joon, deals sand damage to enemies with minions (which can arguably be the current meta), has 2 passive abilities, and has Element Link that summons minions to all holy allies. He may be average, charging his mana to 10 tiles. But he can be made as a pseudo fast hero by supporting him with a level 23 mana troop or a level 11 mana troop if you can fully emblem him.


His other heroes are avarage heroes too, where is a fast finisher when he needs it

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