Holy hero advice

Looking for advice on which holy hero to level next. The candidates are:

  1. Bai Yeong
  2. Guardian Owl (for speed wars and tournaments)
  3. Dupe Joon
  4. Other possible dupes, such as Leo, Neith and a few others that I’m not too interested in

My existing leveled yellows are: Neith, Joon, Viv, Poseidon, Malosi, justice. Bai Yeong seems like the right choice to me, for diversity. But a second Joon could be good too and guardian could be useful for speed events, but limited use outside of those.

Thanks for any feedback!

Wait until Valhalla closed or any coins left (map season 3) for Odin.
Otherwise Bai Yeong seems good option for variety.

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Question to the OP is, do you want a big blinder but hits like a kid, or a small blinder but hits like a boxer? That’s Bai Yeong vs 2nd Joon for you. I have 18 darts, yet i am still hesitating to ascend my second Joon with costume, both at 3/70 with maxed skills as I also have Poseidon as an alternate sniper in my 2nd monoyellow team. They pack a punch though because each team has a maxed Gazelle boosting their attack and defense.

I also have Owl but he’s sitting untouched and unleveled. I dont want to invest 4* ascension mats on heroes you will only use on a specific war support or raid modifier. Among the 3 very slow heroes we have in the game, only Alfrike shines in offense and defense.

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Thanks to both of you! Okay, will definitely wait until done pulling in Valhalla (don’t have many coins, so not a good chance at Odin but worth waiting to see). Didn’t realize Bai hit like such a noodle. Hmm. That gives me pause

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