Bai Yeong vs. 2nd C-Joon

Is he worth the darts tbh? Some say he is good but I think he looks similar to Perseus, and Perseus does more dmg than him. So If Perseus is meh, what makes Bai Yeong good? Both deals a little damage and decrease healing for a few turns, I don’t see a big difference.

So it seems better to give the next set of darts to my second Costume.Joon before Bai Yeong?

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I have the same question. I hope there are good comment for both of us. I hope it does not come back it depends

Bai Yeong is a miss maker mainly. Count him as a specific blocker. So, you can hit Telluria wit him, and she will be able to hit around 1-2 heroes.
Damage and heal reduction is additions, not main point of Bai Yeong.He is a worse Malosi with similar dmg, slightly shifted purpose, but slower and luck-based.
Decision is simple: Need sniper - Joon, need semi-blocker - panda.


As @rillian pointed out, Bai Yeong is a miss maker. Because his attack damage multiplier is not that high, he cannot be relied to kill the enemy heroes unless the target is already dying. But he has his uses, especially if the players owning him lack other better alternatives. He can be relied on quest and event bosses to minimize their potency, and maybe against purple titans. But in your case, I’d rather ascend a second Joon and costume. I’d rather have a dead enemy hero than leave an enemy hero dying or maimed, which may still cast their skills, i.e. healing though at lower potency, cleanse, buffs, debuffs, damaging hits at lower chance of hitting, etc.

I think in nearly every circumstance Costume Joon would be more desirable than Bai Yeong. However, you already have one Joon levelled, so you may enjoy the variety of having Bai. I prefer that, BUT… I think Bai is just too weak, and too situational, and wouldn’t raise him past 3/70, unless you have no other options and just don’t want to wait for something better. Is Bai “good” … IMHO no.

Yep. I recalled past heroes, especially HOTMs and some event heroes, who were acquired by several players and immediately maxed them without carefully reading the hero card or asking the consensus of allies or friends or the forum users, only to make an account here complaining, regretting and requesting for such hero to be buffed. LMAO. This forum is not bereft of such threads, buff this, buff that. It’s so funny it’s hilarious.

I went two C Joons over Bai. I almost did a third, but did bend and ascended Bai over a THIRD C Joon.

I love Bai on offense! It’s so rewarding to render a GM, Killhare, Alfrike etc…useless. It takes some strategy but that also is what makes him fun to use (for me).

But for sure, the so beloved “charge and then hit like a truck” doesn’t work with him :smirk:

75% blind … you really overlooked this? Highest value by far in the game. He is no “killer”.

I would go for diversity. Definitely. Used up all free pulls and did pulls just in the month trying to get him. It did not work out.

I will level first Joon (have costume) , then Bai, and then second Joon if I will not get Leonidas-C.
Yellow mostly have slow healers, fast ones is rare, so, blocking damage is useful if you cannot kill a threat in one turn. Joon+Bai is more versatile than Joon+Joon in my opinion.


I agree with everyone here but with that person who said that Bai yeong is weak. I think you are understimating his value as support hero, vs AoE hitters and even to negate those AOE titan hits too.
Bai attack stat is not bad either. So, overall , if you already have a sniper , Bai will add to your roster versatility and diversity.

Another thing not mentioned here. If you stack yellow Bai will provide a powerful elemental link. 30% def up against special skills.


This is exactly what I wanted to point out the 30% Defense for all his yellow heroes! He is not weak at all, on the contrary he stands with dignity! I have maximized him and I use him constantly and he leaves me satisfied most of the time !! Especially against Titans and wars!

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I wanted to share my thoughts on the panda. I have him at 4/80 +19 and I use him often. He fits well into my yellow stack for titans, wars, and raids.

The biggest benefit is his -75% to accuracy followed by -75% to healing. I have had numerous occasions where a well timed special on a Titan or multi-hitter such as Azlar/Colen/Justice etc. and their special missed every one of my heroes.

I do not have Joon’s costume so I can’t comment on him but I am very pleased with my panda.

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