Help me to decide my next Yellow 2.0

Here i am. Overwhelmed by my yellows. None of these are a must have, or a hero that one can say “its a non brainer” or max “this asap”

What do i have already maxed in yellow?

Joon +9
Mist +10
Gretel +7
Li Xiu with costume +11
Hu tao
Wu Kong

Materials i have:
12 orbs
9 darts
10 damascus
6 tomes

The heroes to max

The drawback
I havent been lucky with mana troops or yellow troops in general.

The objetive:

-To strengh my war depth with yellow. To improve my yellows overall but more raiding/war focused.

Second or indirect objective


Less interested in

Events or PVE content.

The natural first choice to me was SIF. But then anchor made his breakdown and put Vivica and Bai Yeong over SIF in terms of attack/Offensive.

So, if i have to pick between Vivica and Bai Yeong i think as i dont have good troops/Mana yellow troops i should prioritize the speed (Bai yeong being fast vs the other slow or average heroes)

What is your current yellow raid and war team? Joon, Mist, Gretel, Li Xiu, Rigard?

I would bring Bai Yeong to 3/70 first and see how you like him. Out of those choices, I would also max Bai Yeong first based on your situation. He’s the only fast hitter out of those options. The blind wouldn’t be too much of a conflict with Joon’s blind either since they are both hit-1 heroes. Bai Yeong’s elemental link is also arguably the best elemental link and can increase survivability of your entire yellow team.

Sif and Roc are both decent heroes to bring offensively but would benefit from a lvl 23 mana troop. I’ve been using Vivica at 3/70 for a long time in diamond raiding just fine. Also if you have multiple Rigards for war, you don’t necessarily need to spend darts on Vivica or Roc just yet.

One other option would be to first bring Bai Yeong to 3/70 and then wait and see if you can get Odin or Thor.

p.s. I’m not sure why you leveled several heroes and troops partially but I would consolidate your feeding

I usually go with

Gilinbursti-Mist-Li xiu-Joon and Gretel

I agree with you, though Bei yeong doesnt seem to be loved on forums he could be a better pick in my situation. I could switch li xiu for him.

I like sif and roc but i dont know if they will fit my playstyle yet.

And Vivica healing is always useful.

Its a long story, i usually stick to one hero, but with these 5☆ i dropped them in post to do some 4☆ that pulled after them(gilin and chao because i wasnt sure about these 5☆). Now i dont have more yellow projects and need to pick one of them or wait. But waiting may be not the best choice , its unlikely to pull thor or odin

Once you get a lvl 5 mana troop, C.Li Xiu will become 9 tiles. I’m not sure Li Xiu pairs well with Gretel tho.

Go with Bai Yeong then. The +30% def against special skills for your yellow heroes is huge. It’s saved me from snipers a bunch of times on my purple team with Clarissa (who also has same elemental link).

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You lack heroes who can add survivability to your yellow stacks. So Vivica, Bai Yeong and Sif aswell as Roc are in the pot. You don’t have manatroops yet which makes vivi, sif and Roc significantly less effective. Therefore i would go for Bai Yeong. He offers 2 layers of support(Blind and elemental link) to your team while also dealing decent damage when paired with mist, he can finish off targets hit by Joon or mark another one for death through tiles. (Manaslow of Mist + 75% Blind is very effective) Most important he doesn’t need a manatroop to be effective.

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Thats more or less what i thought.
I did the “mistake” of maxing Grazul without having a red mana troop to support her and now i cant use her at full potential(charging in 6 tiles).

On the other hand im leveling Clarissa(shes at 3.40) and i used her with a mana troop 11 . First i wasnt sure about Clarissa but after trying her in the last war i felt so good using her and being able to charge her so fast is an important adventage , plus the elemental link(same as Bai young).

So, maybe this is the right direction in my yellows, for now i should prioritize the speed of Bai yeong. His special is nothing despicable

While this may not be helpful, none are MUST HAVE heroes. That said there are some that would help a lot. I would narrow it down to Sif, Viv or Bai. All are very useful and I’d go over those and see which suit your play style.


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And never regret maxing Grazul. While charing in 6 tiles is amazing, she’s still extremely useful on offense.

I regret only not having a mana red troop to fully use Grazul. I think she will always have good value.
Thanks for your feedback chad :mechanical_arm:

Anytime pal!

20 Cheers and beers

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Grazul and Clarissa though are as valuable as a fast hero even without mana troops. Sure they shine when you can field a lvl 11 troop but it is not mandatory for them to be good but to be excelent.

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I love Vivica. But you need her costume to see her true beast mode. She is very versatile and sturdy. Vivica actually was on my must have/ no brainer list and I’m very happy with her.

My other pick would be Sif. There aren’t too many counterattackers in 5* (I can only think of Elena :thinking:) and that’s been a winning skill in the last few Valhalla map levels for me. She is also a very annoying defence flank.

Not enough info on Bai. Roc and Justice would not be high priority.

Save some orbs for November … maybe you’ll be lucky to get Guardian Jackal. He’s a must have!

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Between those 5 heroes, I would max or Sif or Vivica.
Probably go with Vivica, because she’s an amazing healer and I always like to have an healer on my teams.
But I also think that you will not regret, if you put them on 70, see the one that you like the most and max him/her

you forget Obakan. Yeah, we ALL forget him :laugh:

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Im really loving Bai, even start preferring him over Drake. it is just too rewarding to shut off those AOE hitters! Have him on 3.50 now and already take him on Platinum raids. Underrated super hero! :wink:

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True dat! I even have him! Unlevelled :see_no_evil:

Same here pal! First 5 star ever, slated for hero academy 10!

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I believe that Obakan glorious days are yet to come.
At least I’m praying for that

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