Yellow 5* to defense with Telluria and Vela?

Hi, i need to ascend one of my three yellow heroes to defense team. I allready have max Telluria and Vela. My yellows are: costume Vivica, Sif and Malosi. I have to chose purple between Clarissa and costume Tiburtus +15. With Red for now I have Scarlett +15 and Boldtusk Costume +15. Can You advice The defense team with those Heroes?

We can put any of those heroes in any position? No restrictions?


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Clarissa - Sif - Telluria - Vela - Scarlett


Sif seems pretty good for defense. Got beaten because of her twice or so.
costume Vivica… that’s a hero… but I already got Tell as healer.

Hm… I think I’d do Sif then Vivica

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Personally, I would do costume Vivica first because I’m a big fan of Defense Down. Boldtusk & Tiburtus would be replaced with 5* heroes eventually.

But I also don’t know how many darts you have. Since I still only have 6, I’m thinking about this as if it were the only yellow 5* I would ever max.

(Edit: Having Telluria as a healer already is a good point too, though… I haven’t really thought of her as a healer yet, but if the nerf doesn’t hit too hard, I might come around to that)

Sif will be extremely helpful guarding Tell if her spell goes off before Tell is dead. It would be very hard for a team to beat that D if Tell wasn’t killed on the first go around.

For now We play Blue tank in Alliance war

I will ascend Sif. Thanks for Your help.

Boldtusk Costume/Scarlett? - Telluria - Vela - Sif - Tiburtus Costume (when i finish Clarissa)

Which Red for War Defense?

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