Please help me with defense team on war

Hello :), I encourage you to discuss and express your opinion about some aspects of my defense team for the war (green tank and recommended colors: Dark Holy Green Blue Red). I already have art to make one yellow (Vivi with costume, Malosi) and one purple (Clarissa, Obakan, Quintus with costume) 5 * max. Questions:

  1. Is team with Sif or 2 Vivi better?
  2. Whether Quintus in costume or without costume (+7 talent)
  3. Whether Vivi in ​​a costume or without costume (+7 talent)
  4. Whether Vela on the flank o r GM on the flank

Good set up. Keep Sif in there, she’s maxed with emblems. Get Quintus out of there ASAP. A fully leveled 4 star is MUCH better than a quintus that isn’t maxed. Cheers!

Agree, leave Sif and put in Clarissa if maxed or Rigard if she is not.

I ask about them Full max with 7 embels, it is short Time to Quintus max with costume and Vivi max with costume.

A ask about fully Heroes max

I personally consider a slow hero on wing more of a liability (with certain exceptions like Alby or Mother North). Generally by the time he’s ready to fire he’s got few or no teammates left. Makes him a sitting duck. I’d prefer Clarissa over Quintus.

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Quintus will be faster with his costume and mana troops 17 lvl. Sif can help with that to or second option with Vivi costume:

I think if Vivi fires off, then Quintus should alive to fire to. If Quintus fire after Vivi with costume its game over :slight_smile:

clarissa sif telluria vela gm

probly how i would go

and if you max a fast/very fast yellow then i would pull sif, and run clarissa gm telluria vela [yellow]

I have Malosi at 3/70 but i dont think he is good in defense