Which hero's should have in my defence

Hi all, hope everyone is staying safe and doing well?
This is my first post in the forums, i’ve used this site frequently but have only recently joined!

I’m currently facing a bit of a dilema when it comes to team selection, particularly raid defence. I am quite happy with the quantity & quality of the hero’s i’ve amassed in the 18 months i’ve been playing but i have no idea which combination would be best for defence/war attack teams. My current defence is (in order):
Jean-Francios (maxed_9) Fenrir (maxed +15) Telluria (maxed+7) Malosi (maxed+15) Clarissa (maxed+12)

Although they are all pretty big hitters (apart from JF) i dont necassarily see think they compliment eachother when playing. Also, i’ve gone for rainbow teams across the board but would be fully open to elemental team ups if that works better

I’ve inserted pictures below of my current defence team along with everyone else in my roster, any help/guidance would be grately received as i’m torn at the minute as to who gets the mats as and when i get them!


Welcome to the forum!:hugs:

After having seen your list, I’d give priority to these heroes:

  • PURPLE: Sartana, as you have the costume, to replace Clarissa.

  • YELLOW: Odin, without a doubt, to replace Malosi.

  • BLUE: Glenda or Ariel. As you don’t have a cleanser, both of them would be ok. Not necessarily to replace Fenrir.

  • GREEN: if you don’t max Ariel, then Heimdall would be my candidate. He as a tank is also hard to kill.

  • RED: Gefjon, as there aren’t so many red snipers, and her ability to steal minions is really useful against the amount of minion makers. IMO, she is more threatening in a defense team than JF (who can be countered with some heroes).

I don’t know how many ascension objects you have of each colour, but I chose them so that you could use them both in attack and defense teams.

Hope I could’ve helped you.



Welcome to the community forums.

I have nothing to say but just wanted to greet you. Just follow @Silencio’s advise.

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Thank you for all of the advice, I really appreciate it! At the moment I am in desperate need of Damascus Blades! At the moment as I only have one! I’ve been using Gefjon in wars and her special can be devastating! I might prioritise maxing her so I can put her in defence and relegate JF! Thanks again Silencio, it’s really sound advice :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the warm welcome Ultra!

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All similar to what @Silencio said.

Gefjon - if you place her in wing
Anzogh - if you place him at flank

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Thanks for the advice airhawk!

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