Which yellow 5*

Hi all, so thanks to the Shiloh desert I finally have the darts to take a yellow 5* up. My current defence and yellow options are below. Any help choosing what would fit best in this team appreciated. Thanks.

I’d probably max Malosi. He has good versatility and is the only one of your options that deals a decent amount of damage. :slight_smile:

I would wait and see if a) you get vivica’s costume or b) telly is nerfed too much and guin becomes the better tank. you still have a bit of work left on gazelle anyway.

also, sands is soon and roc looks pretty sweet.

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Yes, you should wait until the the Telluria Nerf. If they nerf her too much, Guin is a good Option.

Thanks for your help, it’s really appreciated.

I would go with Guinevre. You already have very good snipers, and I think that with Guin’s mana cut you would completely freeze the enemy, between Telluria and her.
At that point, it’s easy.

Better if you have emblems to make her sturdier

Order of Preference : Malosi > Vivica (Better If you are able to pull her costume) > Neith > Guinn (only a good tank but you have Telluria already) > Norns > Justice (never!)

To be very honest, I would probably wait to see the outcome of the nerf for Telluria.
If she ends up being meh then I would max Guinevere.
If Telluria remains as a strong tank then you best bet is either Vivica or Malosi.
If you have the costume for Vivica or your going to try for it then it’s got to be her.
If not then Malosi
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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