Yang Mai or Marjana / Skadi or second Cobalt?

I don’t know who to ascend… just have the materials for one red and one blue. I suppose I should go for yang mai, my red heroes are: boldtusk, wilbur, g. falcon, costume bonus scarlet, garnet, vanda and sumle. Yang mai could do more damage paired with Boldtusk wilbur and falcon I suppose. And all of them are average so they would take advantage of the elemental link. Marjana would be my only lacking sniper (red).

Whereas for blues… I was looking for a third ninja to get the maximum family bonus (mica or onyx), but instead, I pulled another cobalt. I already have some heroes ready for the skadi team (healers, def debuffers…). Who would you ascend, skadi for variety or second cobalt to attack with both cobalts?

Skadi is easy choie, she is great against minion makers and just amazing in mninon wars on both, defence and offense.

Skadi and Yang are both monks so if you max Skadi and give her emblems (what you should do IMO) you wouldn’t be able to emblem Yang for now.
If you can emblem Marjana I would max her first, if not I wpuld probably max Yang for element link first.

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I have emblems for Marjana to get her to +20 (other rogues: zocc and frost), but with bera, joon and other monks I don’t have emblems for yang mai, you are right. I was saving some emblems for skadi, so far I could get her to +8.

So according to you second cobalt should wait, maybe until I have 12 telescopes so as to ascend glenda and second cobalt, that would be a good sinergy I suppose.