2nd Costume Marjana or Yang Mai?

Which one I should ascend first?

Here is my red mono team

C-Marjana, QoH, Vanda, C-BT or Grazul and Khagan.


Yang Mai is good for your monored team.

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Second C Marjana is more efficient and reliable as damage dealer; Yang Mai is fun to watch and will help your slower heroes charge a little bit faster.

If you like a solid punch first then removing what’s left - get C Marj

If you aim for the long game and don’t mind being disappointed from time to time - get Yang.

Also what emblems you have spare is important.


Thanks. For attacking power, C-Marjana is definitely better IMO. The only reason I might be considering Yang Mai is her elemental link of small mana gain over 4 turns. It could make my red mono team go off more often and possibly make C-Marjana literally a VF hero.

If you use this team against Freya/Bera tanks then that elemental link will come in very handy


Second C. Marjana is also very useful for Mythic titan.

Yang Mai has very usefull elemental link.

Sooner or later, you need to lvl both.

I would go for Yang Mai from standpoint of diversity, even though overally, second Marjana does more

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C. Marj is better when you compare them by individual. But with your current mono team, Mai will help your average and slow red fire faster, very useful if you lack of mana troops.

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Yang, she will turn your cMarj from fast to very fast with the right troops. VF cMarj would be very well worth it

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