Next red to level

I currently have Marjana, Natalya, Azlar, Santa and Lady Loki as my maxed reds. I’m looking at who to ascend next my options are:

  • Marjana (2nd)
  • G Kong
  • Elena
  • Reuben or
  • Khagan.

I am mainly looking at war attacks and Titans.

If you have Marjana costume, she is amazing. Ascend another lol. If you dont have any of the costumes for the heroes listed, I would say Guardian Kong. He is decent after his buff.

In a monored team, Kong is devastating if fired after Boldtusk, Wilbur and Falcon as they all fire their specials at average mana. The fifth hero may be any of your already maxed 5* heroes. Kong is also not bad against red titans as well since he has a high attack stat than most of your other candidate-heroes (except Elena).

2nd Marj? Only if you have her costume and more than sufficient ascension mats capable of ascending 2 or more fire legendaries.

Elena? Slow S1 heroes are somewhat worthy ascending if you have their costume.

Reuben? A hero late in arrival.

Khagan? Same with Elena.


Sadly no costume for Marj despite saving my keys up for quite a while!

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I had no luck with my keys, so I unfortunately had to spend a small fortune to get her.

Easy, Kong

His attack stat is high, so he’ll be nice for titans, but he’s also a really great hero for offensive raids [in a stack] with Boldtusk + Santa Wilbur or even Gormek + Falcon/C. Marjana

So yeah, he’ll give you the most bang for your buck

(+ The cleanse is a nice caveat, despite the fact that it doesn’t play well with Lady Loki, it’ll be great for war)


In my honest opinion, I would go with Kong if you have the right heroes to colour stack with him as mentioned above

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Only if you pull her costume one day.

My vote for him. High attack and solid damage with cleanse will make him a good alternative to Lady Loki. I personally use Kong much more than Lady Loki - his damage is far more reliable, and while sending ailments back at casters is fun, it sometimes requires timing management etc. Cleanse is ok in most cases. He also might be your Barbarian emblem carrier. I went attack path for mine and he has 900 attack without troop - same as Gefjon. Crazy dude :upside_down_face:

Worse damage than Kong. Worse survivability than Kong. Slower mana than Kong. No cleanse as opposed to Kong. Gives counterattack to 3 which can be dispelled anyways. No way she gets mats before monkey.

Worse damage to 3 than what Kong does to 5. Cuts the DoT in half while Kong removes it completely together with other ailments. Yea he is faster but he’s still a joke.


Generally Kong is your guy and don’t look back. Elena and Khagan could be nice if you get costume for them and plan to use them on very fast wars and tournaments. Else they are not worth it. I’d personally save the rings for any future lucky pulls than ascend any of these at this point, even if you get their costumes. Marjana is unique being the only red sniper (beside Gefjon) which is why I often recommended people to max their second ones. It looks that we’ll be getting a lot of new heroes this year so that uniqueness may be no longer the case. If you pull her costume and don’t plan to pull much on the new portals then second Marjana will be good to make best use of her costumed version. Else, hold off - one is enough. Reuben is abomination. Level him only if you decide to feed your entire roster to something silly and then leave the game.

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:small_orange_diamond:Second Marja without costume? Nope.
:small_orange_diamond:Elena? Only usable after a bunch of emblems (personal experience. She got really good actually when +18) but with a ton of superior Fighters outta there… She needs a buff on her DEF points, they’re too low considering the game nowadays, her speed and even her damage isnt that worthy anymore.
:small_orange_diamond:Reuben? I never liked him. Sounds like a joke.
:small_orange_diamond:Khagan? A total nope unless he’s costumed and still will depend.

:large_blue_diamond:Kong? Hits nicely + cleanse. He’s the man. Or the monkey.

Thanks everyone. Looks like the Monkey wins!

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