Blue ascend advice pls

Hello everyone…i need some advice.

Maxed blues:
Athena +8
Kiril +11
Sonya+18 +cb

I have materials for 1 blue 5*…heroes i have:

I look for offence and titan

I personally think Skadi is fun to use and is very useful with all the new minion heroes. But ultimately depends on what you need.

Skadi is my top pic, great for minions and scaling special as enemies die is overlooked.

If you have no 5* healers, RAF is fantastic.

If you need a cleanser and some decent punch, Glenda would be a big help.

Those are who I would look at without knowing your roster/needs.

I agree with @g8slord
Skadi is at the top of my list, also.
Next one would be Glenda at a close difference with Raf.
Also, I still use Isarnia on pretty much any titans (except green) for that -44 def.

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I have only C vivica +17 as 5* healer…but i have 3 Crigard maxed and one is +16…i play 4-1 mostly.actually i cant decide between glenda and skadi…with this new undead war rule skadi more usefull.But glenda as a cleanser very usefull also.but VF war raffaele is king.i have ally members have raff.and their war defence teams ate a lot of flags last VF war.

RAF is great on VF and would be best on Defense. If that is your need he will work out great. If sticking for offense, Skadi is best with you having 4 healers with cleanse. If there are any minions at all, I take Skadi every time. Skadi is also in my defense teams. I run Sartana, Skadi, Telly, GM, Joon. I hold diamond with that pretty easy.

Yeah thanks for advice i play since february 2020…still have to learn something…i go to skadi for more fun with these minion heroes…i see them a lot

Happy to help. You won’t regret and ascension mats will come and you will get the others leveled as well. This game is a marathon, not a sprint.

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