Would appreciate help with ascending heroes

Not worrying about makeup of offense, defense or titan teams, I have all of that handled pretty well. What I’m mostly interested in is choosing who to level over other options. I currently have 15 5*s sitting at 3/70 and three more within 10 levels of getting there, and enough items to level 1 ice, 1 nature, 2 holy and 1 dark. Heroes that are sitting at 3/70 are as follows:

Ice: Alice, Frida, King Arthur, Isarnia
Nature: Tarlak, Kingston, Evelyn (Frigg at 3/60)
Holy: Bai Yeong, Vivica (Malosi at 3/65)
Dark: Kageburado, Khiona, Sartana (with costume) (Onyx at 3/66)

Not enough ascension items
Fire: Vanda, Puss in Boots, Jean-François

I guess I need to give a little bit of roster makeup:

Heroes already emblemed:
Ice: Vela, Magni (w/ costume), Ariel, Misandra, Miki
Nature: Telluria, Lianna (w/ costume), Zeline, Heimdall, Lady/Lake
Holy: Joon (w/ costume), Poseidon, Delilah, Ranvir.
Dark: Seshat, Kunchen, Ursena, Clarissa, Hel, Guardian Panther
Fire: Gravemaker, Mitsuko, Tyr, Grazul, Marjana

Heroes already ascended to T4 but not yet on talent grid:
Santa Claus, Roc.

Not necessarily interested in your reasons if you don’t want to go into detail, I can see most of the pros and cons with these heroes. More just interested in who people would choose. Like, I see how hard Kage hits from raids, and his VF mana regen is great. But he’s also a barbarian, and I’m not done yet embleming Gravy, and Miki’s only at +1, and Roc is 4/1… this is the kind of thing I’m having to weigh, and why I’m having trouble pulling the trigger. So, give me your opinions!!

First off, you have a great roster! If I were in your shoes, I would look at leveling

Ice - Frida (Nice addition to your roster!)
Nature - Frigg (absolute beast!)
Holy - I would hold out to see if you get Mica (Ninja portal) or Odin (Valhalla portal)
Dark - Onyx (combined with one or 2 more ninjas, is changing the landscape in the Top 100!)

Once you have the ascension material, I would do

Red - Vanda

I’m totally jealous of your roster and it’s potential! Good luck whichever way you go! You really can’t go wrong anyway you do it! :wink:


I do already have Odin, but haven’t started leveling him yet. I don’t know how people level up 5* s in one day, it takes me at least a week to get a new 5* up to 3/70, and probably closer to 10 days. Thanks for the input!
Does it change the conversation if I have a bunch of low level 5*s, some of whom are definitely on my projects list? F’r instance, aside from Holy Odin, I also just picked up Guinevere in the Avalon portal. Thinking I should definitely get both of them up to 3/70 as quick as possible, and maybe they supplant Bai Yeong, Malosi and Viv.


Frida. Her damage, dispel and elemental defense debuff to target and nearby, as well as her Element Link, trump over King Arthur’s many skills. The latter MAY excel the polar bear against red titans only IMHO. All your other ice heroes that deal damage WILL dish out more damage, especially more so if Frida and other regular defense debuffer (preferably Athena) are fired before them. As for Isarnia, I made it my personal general rule to only ascend slow S1 heroes if I ever get their costumes (Vivica, Azlar and maybe Elena; not really fancying Isarnia since I have Athena) but only if I don’t have other better heroes worthy of the ascension materials.


Frigg. The only nature hero that deals regular defense debuff at fast mana, hits all and is of rogue class (am I the only once noticing that she, when highly or fully emblemed, dodges more than other fully emblemed rogues?). Although serviceable at 3/70, max next Evelyn if you want a sturdier hero that deals elemental defense debuff to three, though Almur can perform the elemental defense debuff but is a squishy hero. Tarlak is usable at 3/70 against most titans. Kingston is already a redundancy of your Lianna since both are snipers although the latter deals the most damage.


Malosi. A very fast hero that may be useful in shutting down a targets potential. But Odin and Thor (soon to be released) are also too good to have. Again, slow Vivica is most desirable to ascend if she has costume since her costume version is is a better regular defense debuffer in the game compared to White Rabbit. The HOTM panda can wait.


Onyx. Ninjas. They are way too OP way too early. Just check their hero power. This is not just power creep, it’s power leap. Besides, at least 2 of those friggin ninjas will benefit the team when they dodge specials and tiles, plus their minor riposte. They are a smug bunch of heroes… until they are going to be nerfed down. Kageburado is good, until the enemy has health below 50%. He doesn’t seem to kill some heroes with less than half health. Khiona? Meh. Though I did wish I got her when she was released as HOTM in 2018 as back then, I only have 2-3 Domitias as my purple legendary with more than 21 tabards. Sartana? Also wished I had her from the training camps in 2018. I did manage to have one of her maxed. Waiting for her costume. But with Onyx, he can be fired after your Kunchen, Guardian Panther, and Ursena’s skills and its mostly “Good night, Irene”.


This really helps. Thanks, Ultra. I haven’t read much about the ninjas, sounds like they’re in line for a nerf?

Re: Frida. My hesitation with her is how many paladins I’m putting emblems on right now. I’ve got Telly at +14, and both Heimdall and Clarissa at +3, and I love them all. Heimdall has been a real lifesaver on my offense lately (except when I get bad boards), and Clarissa being v. fast has only boosted my relatively powerful dark lineup. She supplanted Hel, who, especially against Titans, seems to counteract one of Ursula’s skills, namely, she delays the reflect when fighting yellow titans. I get a lot more reflects now that Clarissa is in there.

I would prioritize Odin above all other Holy heros! With the ninjas, the testing seems to indicate that they are at their best been paired with one or more additional ninjas. The sweet spots appears to be 3 Ninjas in a lineup along with a support hero like BK is turning into the new GTV setup. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Odin, Frigg, Onyx and Frida! Looks good to me! :wink:


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Not really. But if enough players complain, SG may bend in favor of the complainers whims.

You don’t need her emblemed for her to work her charms (bearly charms, look at those eyes LMAO). Mine does not have any though I really want to put her some of those soon, as well as to my Clarissa, too. Most of my paladin emblems are with my Telly+20, Guardian Falcon+18, Gunnar+20 with MCB, and Chick Jr.+19. Her and King Arthur are both paladins. If you want other ice heroes that deal elemental defense debuff, your next option is Nordri, a 3 star Valhalla hero who happens to be a barbarian. At least embleming him would be less costly. But being a rare hero, not legendary, he often dies easily.

LOL. And now I have Mica. Damn. Guess I level Mica up first, and wait on Odin.

Frida and Evelyn — stop what your doing, eat your veggies — elemental debuffs are a long term investment

If you want to maximize Titans — Tarlak is better than Ranvir — don’t forget about him

Beyond that — play style dictates choices; Malosi is unique for his special… just do it…sartana or Onyx stand out;

Boom! Or Hi-yah! Is up to you… both are great

Keep an eye on Kingston and Alice down the road; Frida cancels out Arthur, Magni cancels Isarnia — they overlap

I love Kage personally —

Ones not mentioned are useful and nice to have, but not a priority

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