Difficult ascension choices. Advice appreciated

Have the mats to ascend two fire, two nature and a holy 5*. My focus is overall usability, AW and PVP. Titans are not an issue currently as my alliance never reaches the very difficult ones. We use purple for war tank but I plan to open that up for discussion after the current war. And I would probably fall in between the c2p and p2p categories if there were one. Questions I would appreciate advice on are: Which two nature heroes to ascend? Or should I pick 1 and hope to still pull Telluria? Which two fire heroes to pick, keeping in mind that sorcerer emblems(around +13 or 14 worth) are currently not being used? Should I strip Frida and give emblems to Richard? Should I strip either Alby or BW and give the other all of the emblems? Finally, is there a holy I have even worth giving mats to? My current roster includes:

Dark- Maxed Boss Wolf+6, Kunch+12, Hel+13 3/70- Domitia, Mok, Sesh
Holy- Poseidon+13, Drake+10, Onatel
3/70 Inari, Ranvir Also- Justice, Leo, Viv
Ice- Finley+11, Frida+11, Richard w/c
3/70- Miki
Nature- Alby+7, Tarlak 3/70- Chameleon, Heimdall, Kingston, Lianna w/c, Morgan Also- Atomos, Kadilen, Horghall, Margaret
Fire- Anzogh 3/70- Elena, Grazul, JF, Mitsuko, Natalya Also- Azlar

Thank you for your time!

In my honest opinion, I would focus on Heimdall and then wait to see if you pull Telluria this month.
For Holy I would go for Onatel, she really is very versatile.
And for fire I would lean towards Mitsuko and Grazul.
With regards to emblems, I would say put emblems on your defence heroes and those you utilise the most in raids, wat, tournaments, events etc.
Good luck

For combat over titans I’d say Seshat, Poseidon, Kingston, JF.

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