5* Ascension

I’m finally ready to ascend some 5* heroes. Problem is, I only have 3 tomes. My choices are Hel, Magni, Vivica, Lianna, and Marjana. Waiting in the wings are Frida, Azlar, Leonidas, Evelyn, Kunchen, and Elena. I have a 4* team fully ascended with level 7 talents including Boldtusk, Grimm, Xi Liu, Caedmon, and Proteus. I’m looking to improve in Raids and Wars. My thoughts are to start with ascending Hel, Lianna, and Magni. Thoughts?


Seems like a pretty good decision .

Very nice heroes, agree with your choice.

Good choices. Not much advice needed. :wink:

Agreed with others. Good choices. Nice heroes

Another vote for your choices! Also, Evelyn and Frida will work well at 3.70. You can work in those while waiting on more mats :grin:

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I agree with those choices too. Assuming your alliance does not use all yellow tanks (otherwise I’d argue for Vivica).

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