Advice on Holy and Ice 5* to advnace

Hello fellow gamers,

I am calling on the collective wisdom to assist in selecting which hero to advance, as the RNG gods have recently given out some ascension items:

Current 5* Hero’s:

Fire: Elena, Aslar, Jean-Francois, Marjana, Khagan

Ice: Vela, Frida, Miki, Magni,

Nature: Mother North, Kadilen, Kingston, Zocc, Lianna, Elkanen,

Holy: Thor, Neith, Joon, Vivica, Leonidas

Dark: Alfrike, Domitia, Quintus, Thoth-Amun, Sartana,

Choices to level-up:

Ice: Thorne, Richard, Isarnia, Frida (another one)

Holy: Devana, Deliah, Justice, Joon (another one)

I have currently been using Firda and Vela on raids with pretty good effect … I am curious what two Frida’s would do.

Any advice or options you decide to share would be most welcome.

If you also have an opinion on which ones to level break, I would be most interested in your thoughts on that as well.

Best, Trevor

Isarnia is really good but you missing some firepower in blue, I would max Thorne or Richard, depends on which one you like more, personally I would max Richard

Devana is just too good, easy choice here

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I’d sit on your scopes and wait for something better. For holy i’d go Delilah or Devana…slightly leaning Delilah for more 5* healing options (and she’s average speed over Vivica’s slow).

I think the only definite limit breaks are MN and Afrike here to boost their survivability. Give them a higher chance to fire their specials.

Thank you for the insight!

I’d go Isarnia. I find I’m often recommending her in these advice threads because her defense down is not easily matched. You’ll use her on titans for the rest of the game unless you get Athena. Why not make the investment?

For Holy I was between Delilah and Devana.

Good advice on the Titan for Isarnia … currently using Grimm, but she would definitely augment my fire-killing titan team.

I’m thinking Devana is a slam dunk. Delilah is good but you already have Viv. Blue honestly I’d wait. If I had to choose it would be Isarnia, but hold off until you have 11 scopes?


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