Emblem Frida or clarissa

Hi everybody! Got some extra emblems, Frida or Clarissa?

Neither go on defense, Frida goes on titans but I feel Clarissa’s mixed direct dot could benefit most vs Frida’s direct damage, though I’ve no real clue about this. Thoughts?

Personally I’d go Frida you will use as said against titans and prob in war and Raids which will help yah blues.
Clarissa raids and war.
Hope that explains it all :wink:


Give them to whomever you use more! I took from Frida originally to give to Telly who is currently +19. Then i pulled Clarissa and was using her on D so she is also now +18. I just have a lot of Paladin emblems cause i just looked at Frida is +9 too!

However i use Clarissa and Frida the same amount now and would prob be better off if i had them both at 13 or whatever instead.

If i ever pull another viable tank i will take the emblems from Telly, who knows when that will be but Telly is only used for my Defense.

Edit: wrote better odd but changed it to off


Hi. Same dilemma here. I have already my Frida at +7, and is used in raid and wars and against titans. But a few moments ago, I emblemed my Clarissa to +7 also (attack nodes) because I don’t want her just sitting by idly after removing her on my monopurple team in favor of Tiburtus+19 with MCB as it would appear I wasted tabards on her if not being used. I still have 311 free paladin emblems available (most are with Telly+20, and some are with my Chick Jr.+19) and I am planning to strengthen further my Frida to battle out most red tanks in the game currently, especially now so since I have her supported by my level 25 mana troop while my Athena+8 (mana bonus node) is supported by my level 17 mana troop. Those ladies, along with Vela+12 and Master Lepus+7 all charge their mana in three 3-tile matches in my monoblue team, with Ariel supported by a level 5 mana troop.

Just my two cents.


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