Paladin emblems decision

Hi. My issue is, my paladin emblems are split. The reason they’re split is due to the sequence I acquired those heroes in.

So they’re divided between Ares(+8), (costumed)Richard (+4), the Queen of Hearts (+4) and Clarissa (+2). These guys are all fighting in wars, in attack only. I love playing with the Queen, mainly in challenges, though Blacky does a similar job…

In a way I’d like to give them all to Clarissa, to build her up for my yurple defense team of the future. Right now she’s not defending.

At the moment I’m also loving my 3 x purple raid attack team, Clarissa is part of that. Is this a no-brainer? Maybe start with Ares?

Are any of them strong enough to do 90% of what you want with zero emblems? If so, they get none. For me, on my roster, that means Ariel and Onatel get none (whereas Hansel and Isarnia need those emblems desperately).

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They probably are. I just find the reset emblem a bit sad. Richard was my very first ascended 5* so I poured all resources into him. Then I acquired a stronger hero, used them all the time, they received all my attention, and so on.

I actually find it very hard to gauge how well they would do their job without the emblems they already have.

I was prioritising “who do I use all the time” but you make a great point.

(One more edit…) Isarnia is not a cleric though…

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Are we talking about Cleric emblems??!!

Arrrgh, no, my bad! Going emblem crazy! Sorry! Paladins! Isarnia is not a paladin. She’s a wizard. Now back to topic of paladins…

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Yeah, it’s tough. I assume Ares is a key titan player for you. I don’t know what level titans your alliance is facing, but you should be able to gauge if he’s surviving long enough to fire as is, by a lot, or by a little. If it’s clear he’s fine, going to +0 seems viable with him (since emblems don’t boost the skill you want for him).

QoH should survive long enough to fire but then hopefully also be able to endure the specials that get thrown at her. +4 is not so much that you won’t have any idea how she’ll survive at +0. Similarly, how effective a damage dealer is Clarissa at +2? Does she need more for your needs to generate kills / bring enemies into snipe range?

Hansel cleric
Issy wizard

Onatel wizard
Regard cleric, costume emblem path follows the original hero emblem path.

My paladin with emblems is justice(with 17 nodes).
And I never thought of stripping those emblems for telly.

Hmmm, thanks, helping my decision! Ares drives me nuts because he only helps his friends! How elitist of him!

My red Titan team is full of contradictions and difficult timing. I like to take Wil, BT, Ares, Blacky and someone else. 9* Titans. I have zero firepower in red, as you can see timing is tricky, trying to do damage, surviving…

The only reason Clarissa has a measly 2 emblems is, she’s my new project and I want to give her more, she’s pretty squishy at the moment. Question is who to strip. I’m thinking of Ares…

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Clarissa is the one that need emblems the most between all the hereos you’ve mentioned.

Moreover none on the other hereos needs emblems to do their job cause they are all sturdy enough.

I would strip them all from their emblems and give it to clarissa.

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I fear I inadvertently caused confusion in this thread.

Ariel gets no Cleric emblems - they go to Hansel.
Onatel gets no Wizard emblems - they go to Isarnia.


Great! So which path would you take?

(And which troops BTW? though I don’t want to go OT!:grin:)

If she is to be your future tank then I would probably go with the defense path with a crit troop.

If you only use her or on offense then I would go with the attack path and of course a level 11 mana troop

She’s my future wing. Ursi is my tank, Seshat my other (and current) wing.

Sounds like defense and crit though I’d like the poison to work it’s magic :smiley:. Maybe stick her in the right wing.