Worst level for recruits?

Hey all! I checked Barry’s farming spreadsheet and didn’t notice the answer. If it is there I apologize for being redundant.

I’m a late stage player and am struggling with always being food poor. I’m very active and grind like crazy and that generates a lot of recruits. And doing something with those recruits always costs money, even with low cost training. Shifting to extra low cost training won’t solve this problem because I’ll still be food poor eventually, and shifting to that is going to be a pain in the neck.

So what level returns the fewest amount of recruits?

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You can get it from Barrys Farming sheet. Just look for the stage which has the LOWEST return on Recruits / world energy.

Do s1 9-1. Used to hoard everything but became so food poor that I just stopped collecting recruits altogether. Still have 50m food stuck on recruits though.

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Thanks I will check that out. Optimally a season 2 or 3 stage with hig world energy is best so I can lot ticket there and focus on more interesting parts of the game.

What your training camps at?

Two are doing legendary training with 60 day backlogs

One is at low cost training with a 1,200 day backlog.

Last one did 6,000 extra fast trainings and I’m working through that bank slowly. 4,300 more to consume.

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