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you should try tc19 then… always dry on food


I agree. Since I’ve started using camp 19 I never have any food


I wish I had your problem! Season 2, level 6-10 on hard……. 10 energy, 22-24 recruits and usually a few practice swords every time.

10 energy 22-24… equals 3x3 8-7… 3x8-10 recruits

True enough, but I also like the better loot items I seem to get from the season two levels. I usually get 3* & 4* goodies…not so much from season one. It really is a matter of individual priority…different for everyone. :grin:

Edited to add: I like that I always get swords too, maybe get one in S1 levels if I’m lucky

When i start to consistantly get too much food i start power training heroes. Tc 3 and 19 are great for eating up food because not only do they take 5,000 food per hero trained, using those heroes to level up your good heroes takes a lot of food. As for recruits, level 8-7 is the best for gathering the most recruits.

If your food storage is full and you really can’t use any up, it really doesn’t hurt to let the storages stay full and keep playing the game to gather more recruits and such.

Are all your troops levelled up? That takes a ridiculous amount of food!

Are/were you using tc20 for storage?

@Joelee @Yoohoo

i agree with tc19. 5.5k/2 - best ratio with low ingredients
i dont with tc3. 5k/5

problem is 2xtc11, 1tc20 1xtc16…
i wanna get some good 4 or 5 to feed meaning 2 tc20…
a tc11 to 19… its time…

but yeah tc19 is the answer for the future :wink:

i have only 1 4* green. took them to lvl 8… fed them all green troops ( i play this game for 3-4 months now)
today got lucky with a troop token from raid platinum… and guess what… same 4* green troop… really?

and i dont wanna feed 1 and 2 to 3. i wait for the 4 * troops since it seems SG gives us more tokens (see recruit2 and newly stages rewards :wink: )

am using tc20. was using tc13
yup i have 200 days stored.
wanna split them up in 2x100 :slight_smile:

Well, if you ever plan on competing in the challenge events, you are limited to 2* and 3* troops for the rare and epic levels. I didn’t realize that and mistakenly used them to feed the 4*……now I am trying to rebuild troops. In fact I am planning to have 5 each of each color in 2*, 3*, and 4* since I tend to color stack a lot in those events, and for titans. Even using a levelled up 2* troop with a second or third hero of that color is better than nothing for attack, defense and mana boosts.

@Joelee @Yoohoo

tc 13 was like 4k/1 ratio…
tc 20 is 3k/1 ratio…

this is the problem…
also i increased my food production with platinum raiding and watchtower 15 (90k/10hours)…

best ratio in the game seems to be tc 14-18…

guess ill always have this problem… SG should rethink this and think how to use excess of iron and food in a new building…
i dont know… its being wasted…
i think this happens with all buildings maxed and with all the farming possbile (without spending money on we flask ofcourse)…

i am going to do them only if rewards will be increased… as was increased for seasonal.
until now they were crap… silver token etc…

so i dont do those… too long for nothing really

being first per time etc… excluded - im a f2p afterall :wink:

Ok, just something to keep in mind for down the road maybe. And the challenges are fun, for me anyway,though I never come anywhere close to placing in the higher ranks, It’s a nice change of pace from the grind of farming day after day.

probably ill get there too after more time in the game and better heroes coming from tc20… but to compete per total time… that is a waste of time…

This has been gone over before, but…

TC12 is 3.6+ per
TC13 is 3.7+ per
TC20 is 2.9+ per

TC13 is slightly better as a ratio, but players pay a too high price for a slim chance at a 4*.

My argument against TC20 as a storage facility is you lose two days usage of that site as a TC19 if a 5* or a necessary 4* drops. And, if you do want to use that tc ad a 19, you have to move all those resources.

Watch Xero’s video “Base Reveal”.

I agree. Tc19 is the best solution to burn food… And this when i will be able to - see my tc situation…
But problem is one needs recruits too…

you could use food for crafting lots of mana potions
healing potions and other expensive food items ,
your food will go down realy fast
can you lend me some food pleeeeeeeeease…

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