Where is the best place to farm recruits?

So far I use to farm in 8-7 S1, is there any place in S2 has a better rate?

You can try 2: 9.9., or 6.9. I haven’t made it past half of Province 11, so that’s the best I have for you.

Season 1 7:4 gives around 15 for 3 energy

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Season 2 15-8 (hard mode)gives 30+ usually.

Season 1 8-7 is still the best drop rate for recruits. Season 2 15-8 hard is the closest to it dropping 33-35 recruits for 12 WE.

I would guess 8-7 S-1 will be best for recruits per energy used.

I farm Season 2 15-9 easy mode. 7 WE for 19-21 recruits

Regarding season two, 15-9 normal and 15-8 hard seem to be the best at nearly 3 recruits per flag (~2.8). However, if you wait til Atlantis Rises, farming 15-9 normal will net you around 7.5 recruits per flag.

Also, this guide helps a ton:


It gives 15 monsters but not that much recruits :wink:

Oh yes, sorry about that

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I have a permanent home in 8.7


Under normal circumstances Season 1 8-7 is the best for recruits per energy, with Season 2 15-7 and 15-9 normal is a close second and has better overall loots (both giving around 3 recruits/world energy).

But, during Atlantis rising, nothing beats 15-9 normal… the recruit levels are through the roofs giving around 7.5 recruits/world energy :slight_smile:

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I use 5-8. It gives you 11 recruits

Just to be clear, it gives you 11 monsters for your chest, not recruits. It generally gives 5-6 recruits


Yes!!! of course! Mixing those up completely.

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