Best way to farm recruits?

I have read berryz sheet guide.
And i usually play S1 8-7 .

Do you know a better place to farm recruits?
Is It worth S2 15-8 if AR is not around ?

I will start using TC 20 in a couple of days and i want to know if theres something better besides 8-7

If you’ve read Barry’s spreadsheet, you’ve got the best data at your fingertips



Im too lazy to go back there . I only know that 8-7 was the best one at the moment i read it

For Recruits, it’s still the best. Normally 9 or so with 3 flags.

A few previous levels have similar recruit levels, but less xp

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S2 15-8 is not worthwhile farming outside of AR, when WE flag cost is reduced and loot is increased. As everyone has said before, and more importantly Barryz does too, 8:7 is still ok for recruits.

I’m only missing crude iron and unfarmables. In the later game you’ll have to get rid of too many recruits.

Does everyone lack sth? For me it were recruits in the early game, then roots and now crude iron. I expect it to be titan parts in the future.

I used to have lots of recruits but once maxed my 4s* and due my lacking of compasses i started to level up all what i have minus the 5*. Adding i usually have exess of hamm i burn recruits very fast using tc 1 2 and 3 and the rest 11

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S1 6-8 does ok for recruits if you wanna change it up.

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