Wizard emblems: Sartana or Zeline?

Any advice on which of them i should start using my emblems on. I’m thinking Sartana because her special will benefit more from the emblem buffs. But Zeline is really awesome, hence my strugle. Also have proteus, but i think using the emblems on a 5* is better. Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:

Zeline 100% of course.

Isnt Zeline AOE? Wouldnt be more chances to activate the talent as per each enemy hit?

per enemy Sartana can hit harder with talent, but chances would have more Zeline to activate.

Zeline followed by Zeline again.

IMO Zeline is the best Wizard of all.

Wizard Class is full with top heroes.
My order for emblems:
Guin (Jinx is not good for Guin)

I thought jinx chance was applied once per special??

We dont really know: (for example, I asked for info about thorn minion without success - Thorn minion? Lack of info as health, damage etc)

+5% chance to deal +15% extra damage per each active buff the enemies have. The extra damage applies to both normal attacks and Special Skills.

So I hope that when the AOE hero (lets say Isarnia) hits all 5 heroes with speciall- maybe one of them has 3 buffs, another 2 buffs - the chance to hit extra damage will be calculated when it hits every enemy not when it is fired. Thus in the case it doesnt apply on an enemy still has the chance to apply on the others that are hit.


Each hit has its own Jinx check. More hits=more chances to activate.

OTOH Zeline’s special clears all the buffs after hitting, so her tiles therafter wont have a Jinx chance.

Still, Zeline seems better for wizard emblems. She is so effective as is; with more power, she will be even better.

The dilemma many face is Zeline vs Guinevere vs Hel. Sartana is the best Classic Wizard, but pretty far back in the queue when you add in event and monthly heroes.


Yay! waiting for Isarnia! scopes are ready!

Just curious why you feel Sartana is a better classic wizard than Isarnia?

Sartana is part of a wide group of fast mana snipers, and isarnia, for the most part, is one of a kind (at least in the classic hero bunch).

I have this debate with my roster and my conclusion is I will do Isarnia…

Fair pushback—honestly, it was because i hadnt finished my coffee. I agree that Isarnia will be the most effective after emblems.

Thanks - I was about to hand emblems to Isarnia and this made me pause and I thought I was missing something.

Thanks for the comments guys. Will ascend Zeline further as soon as i get a couple more emblems.

I just classed Victor. Here are my reasons.

  • I have him maxed with lvl11 mana troops so he fires on 3 ghost tiles.
  • His very fast defense buff is pretty effective, fires much faster than kiril and I’ve seen my heroes survive 5* sniper hits with it.
  • He has high attack 778 and the jinx works for both regular and skill attacks.
  • FWIW… Towards the end of battle with three or less heroes left, Victor can easily fire every round.

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@l2ider You could even add this as points:

  • I don’t have Zeline
  • I don’t have Hel
  • Isarnia wouldn’t have been good in my defense


Yeah that too :slight_smile:
Hel and Zeline… Of course but I don’t think Victor is too shabby.

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