Wizard Emblems For Ona (Onatel) or Zeline

Hi everyone! First time long time. I’m just wondering what the opinion is on these heroes? I haven’t seen these 2 compared. Zeline is on my d squad and Ona won’t be. It seems like the skill set benefits Ona more, but she won’t be used as much. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks for all the sharing everyone does, this community is amazing!

IMO emblems for Zeline, fast atack all have more chances for jinx tha average nearby, Hel for me is for mana regen stop more than for dmg dealling

Problem with Zeline is she dispels the buffs so she is a one shot on that- Ona and Hel don’t dispel and so could ultimately have more chances to proc jinx than Zel.

That’s what I’m thinking too, though the skill works on tile damage as well right? So would the non yellow tiles that you throw that fill ona still have the chance to cast jinx as well?

Pretty sure it would only apply to her tiles- so if used in Zeline and she dispels then you won’t get the chances on her tiles until the enemy buffs again- so I rather think Onatel and Hel are better- but I doubt you would go wrong an any of them

  • Jinx have a chance to increase the damage of normal and special attacks
  • The more the targets the more the chances
  • The more the attack score the more the benefits
  • Throw in extra damage for more benefits

Best candidates: Zeline, Hel, Isarnia


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