I got some excellent and surprising responses when asking where to put my sorcerer emblems (still, no love for Greymane, what gives?)

The issue with wizard emblems is that I’m spoiled for choice with Sartana, Proteus, Kiril and now Kasshrek fresh from TC20.

My logic so far is:

Sartana is great but has no glaring weakness

Kiril is great but has no glaring weakness

Kasshrek has really missed the boat as I’m already pretty comfortable with Justice tanking in Diamond with purple flanks

Proteus is an absolute game changer BUT has a major weakness in defence and so he gets ALL the emblems.

Does that hold together? Can anyone see a flaw in the plan?

Have a great good Friday everyone :grinning:


Just put wizard emblems on a hero that hits. Looks like Sartana. The ability is useless anyways. Atleast if it “fits the hero” it might occasionally be a tiny bit useful.

I’d give Sartana a couple, just enough for the first node with jinx, and the rest to Proteus taking the health-def pathway.

Gave mine to Proto and he’s much less squishy now. Far from tanky, but stands 3 normal attacks from 6* titans and even survives 1 unbuffed hit from maxed Liannas now @+7.

But there’s no Sarta in my bench and Kiril’s not maxed.

My Kiril is emblemed to the 9th node, I think he’s good. I’ve got a maxed Sarty but the amount of emblems 5*s need really warps my mind. I have a Proteus I’m currently leveling at 4/45. Sounds like he’s a wise choice for emblems now.

Focus on the Health and Def you say?

I totally said it in the booming voice in my head!!!:laughing::rofl:

Yes, imho. While his tile damage is already good and DOT is useful, he’s all about the mana block for me.

So, especially in raids where there’s no health pots, you need him to survive. And that means Def and health.


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