Who should receive my Wizard emblems?

Good day everyone. I have been in a dilemma for some time now as to whom I should give my Wizard emblems to. Up until a week ago, I had 2 candidates that I am working on their last ascension…Isarnia and Victor. I just pulled Anzogh and see he is listed as a Wizard. I know its probably too early to judge him (even though what I have read so far does not sound promising). Who would you give emblems too and why? I appreciate everyones insight.

Personally, I think Isarnia beats out Victor and Anzogh. She hits everyone pretty hard, and gives some buff to boot, Victor is good, but doesn’t hit hard enough to earn a spot over Isarnia. I don’t have Anzogh yet, but so far, after facing him a handful of times, I’m not that impressed. If you need a 5* healer, then Anzogh may be the one, but in a vacuum, I say Isarnia.

If you need a tank then Anzogh, otherwise Isarnia:

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