Rogue and Wizard emblem advice

Hey all. I’m at an impasse with deciding between these two classes.

For wizards, I have sartana fully lvled, so she could get my emblems right away. I’ve been using her on my defense team. I also have Zeline (who is close to getting to the 4th ascension (already have the tonics for her). I could do her, but it would be awhile before she can even get the emblems. I think she might be the better choice, but which hero makes better use the wizard class system?

I have a similar dilemma with the rogue class. I have Khiona almost at 4.80, so she could get them right away, but I just recently got Inari who is on the second ascension tier. Should I just toss the emblems to khiona, or would Inari be a better fit?

Keep an eye on this thread mate.

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Zeline I think will make the best use of the wizard jinx…fast Mana and damage to all gives it 5 chances to process when there is a full team adding more injury to her insulting deffuffery

Does the rogue skill dodge stack on top of Inari’s SS of dodge 54% or it it just redundant? Heard both claims, anyone classed Inari can share?

I think it’s pretty useless to give her a talent that is the same as her SS. I’d rather spread my chances and give the emblems to another Rogue hero.

I also want to know if Inari special n rouge talent stack.

Had alliance mate take video of Inari 80+2 but unfortunately when she dodges with rogue, she didn’t get a fox minion. Screen shot shows evade but the fox was from her SS dodge a couple of turns prior.

So the rogue dodge isn’t as effective on Inari because she doesn’t get a minion from it. It’s not redundant but not as good as I was hoping for.

Is this a bug or a feature?

So this basically means no emblems for inari.
Because then she has the wrong class…

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