Wizard Emblems

Once again, looking to lean on the collective forum wisdom for what to do…

I just leveled Zeline to 4/80. I don’t have any more Wizard emblems to move her up. What I do have right now are the following that I could reset:
C. Sartana (level 19)
Balthazar (level 10)
Isarnia (level 19)
Kiril (level 10)

Sartana is on my defense team, so that seems like an obvious no go.
Balthazar is not going to get me much, but i do have plenty of resets, so this is a go…
Kiril is my best blue healer and I’m usually a mono attack guy… probably would still reset this one though.
That leaves Isarnia – she’s on my blue attack team… so not sure if I steal them from her for Zeline.

And I guess I should mention my normal green and blue attack teams.
Blue is typically Isarnia (19) - Magni (19) - Richard (19) - Magni (6) - Kiril (10)
Green is (before Zeline) Evelyn (18) - Lianna (19) - Horghall (18) - Kadilen (19) - Melendor (20)
I usually will go with my Green team whenever I can. If I can get three green triplets, I’ve usually won the raid/war/etc. So now that I have Zeline, I’m thinking of subbing her in for Kadilen (unless I ever get her costume… then I have another quandary… probably getting subbing out Melendor).

But in the short term, do i steal the emblems from Isarnia for Zeline or just wait for them to come in and emblem her up over time?

Just wait for new emblems IMO.


We had some zeline chat on another thread, thought I’d give you my take here.

I think my choice would probably be to wait and emblem her as you gain new ones. Another option, instead of touching cSartana (defense team) or Kiril (blue healers and small amt of emblems as a 4*), you could take enough from Isarnia to put Zeline to +7. This is right before the heavy 125-50-125 of 8, 9, and 10. This would allow you to keep most of Isarnias strength (12-14) and give Zeline a boost beyond regular 4-80. I would probably strip Baltazar of his few emblems to help in this.

Also, I’d probably replace Horghall with Zeline, not Kadilen, since horg and zels attdown overlap. Hope this helps.


All makes sense… thank you!