Will this trio hold up in Platinum?

As luck would have it, I only have 2 mana troops - Dark and Fire. As the same luck would have it, I have two superb 4* average mana healers with costumes in those same elements - Big Red (BT) and Dr. Dapper (Rigard C).

With costume bonuses and lvl 5 mana troops, Both of them will be charging with 9 tiles. On top of that, I’m planning to ascend Brynhild soon. The idea is to sandwich Hildi between Rigard and BT, and if she’s able to hold off the initial onslaught, once she goes off, she heals herself and the flanks, protects them from specials, and they turn into fast mana healers with insane attack bonuses.

That said, I’m new to Platinum, so I’m wondering if that seems like a viable defensive core to pull off. I have a Grimm +6 to put on one flank, and I don’t have a decent holy sniper yet, so it might be Tyr, Sonya or Caedmon next to Rigard.

I’d say try it out. I am not really convinced of taking 3 healers in defense. But it could work if you have strong hitters in the wing.

Best is, you show us your whole roster. It’s easier to give good advice on def set up that way. But still, I’d advise you rather to take Brynhild and one heals-all-hero and three damage dealers.

Maybe Sonya, cRigard, Brynhild, Grimm, Tyr

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Here it is:

I don’t think that this will work the way you want. Realistically people can just run tiles into bryn until they have their heroes charged and then take them out in one onslaught. Also I would kinda liken this to Kash tanks. He is maybe a little difficult when you first run into him but after you realize what it takes to beat them you don’t have much difficulty unless you get an atrocious board.

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grimm boldtusk telly mist rigard

no problem to plunder solidly in platinum. my team is weaker and ist about 2000 trophies


Yeah, I was just curious how that center would work. I can always put Telly in the middle if I have to, I just figured with mana speed and protection against specials, along with attack boosts might make them a pain in the butt. To be fair, I still struggle with emblemed Kashhreks when they are flanked by riposters. Helps to have a dispeller, but if the board is not on my side, they recharge fast.

Literally anything works. Especially if you have telly. Gap between silver and plat is way smaller than low plat and diamond.


Lol, why didnt you mention telly right away? She should keep you in platinum regardless of the other heroes you pair with her. My Suggestion would be: Tyr, Grimm, Telly, Mist, Sonya

But in general I’d say, focus on leveling your 4 stars until you have at least 20, better 30. Bring telly and tyr to 3-70 and then let your legendaries rest for a while. Also, your mana troops are not that relevant at lower platinum. Of course, keep leveling them. I just wouldnt decide what line up you use based on your troops at that point

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he wants to go to platinum not to diamond :sweat_smile:

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True… That defense will probably lead to a raise in cup count which might make it harder to fill raid chests. Should definately be considered. But from what i understood OP was struggling not dropping below Platinum. With telly he really doesnt need to worry about that


Welcome to platinum! Always nice to see fellow forum users I can actually relate to.

Seems like everyone else here be like

“how many Telly’s should I keep? I have 6 of them”
“every time I get over 3000 cups, I log in the next day and I’m back down to 2800”
“got three of each color maxed crit and mana troops, wondering which one I should work on next”
“I have enough gems to do a few dozen 10-pulls, should I use them on Atlantis or save them for Guardians or ToL?”


Okay… sorry… back on topic.

Well. On the plus side? You have some pretty awesome heroes.

On the minus side? You don’t seem to have very many heroes.

I originally got myself into platinum using a healer / riposter / mana stealer trio (9 times out of 10 it works every time) :laughing:

But yeah seeing that you don’t seem to have all the heroes I have…

As much as I hate to say it, obvious tank is obvious. The dreaded Telly.

Costumed Rigard is also obvious healer.

As much as I love BT… your Tyr is higher, and would make an excellent sniper (corners).

Mist also a solid sniper.

For defense? I’d probably go with something like

Mist - C. Rigard - Telluria - Grimm - Tyr

Or some variation like that.

I’m sure others might argue that’s not the most ideal (and they might be right)… but the upside of having a slightly less than perfect defense is that you won’t have as much trouble winning in offense.


I should have specified, that’s my bad. I don’t really have a problem dropping below platinum as I don’t see much difference between the loot from Platinum and Gold chests. My current defense holds me in Platinum well enough, most of the time I lose cups between chest fillings when I have my practice off-season (I learn to raid stronger opponents while also dropping back to my natural place in the food chain).
Current lineup has Telly, I was just wondering as a thought experiment considering that Brynhild is a fast mana tanky gal who boosts and protects nearby allies. It’s more about the thought of fast C Rigard and BT healing and boosting attacks. I’ll try it just for sh!ts and giggles, but kinda wonder how that would play out. I wish we could practice on our own teams.

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FWIW… I’ve been holding pretty steady above 2000 cups in platinum for a while now, still experimenting with different combinations to see which ones work best. Currently using a very vanilla combo:

Lianna - Rigard (no costume) - Richard - Li Xiu - Marjana

Have also experimented with other variations using Cyprian, Melendor, BT, and Obakan. Results varied too much for me to make a conclusive decision on which one worked best.

Also found that whenever I went too high in cups, I started getting attacked by a bunch of diamond level peeps, and fighting those guys with my roster is like trying to dig to the center of the earth with a teaspoon. :roll_eyes:

Keep doing the @#$%s and giggles testing thing, that’s how you learn. Since we’re not able to attack ourselves, the next best thing is to just put up an experimental team and wait to see what happens.

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I find having too many healers makes for a poor defense. As mentioned earlier you can just keep dumping tiles into the healers until your heroes are charged and then take out one of the wings (the hitters). Repeat to take out the other wing, then each healer one at a time. There’s little to fear from an attack poor defense really.

That’s what makes Telly so strong, she’s a healer who’s minions will decimate you.


Yep, I already tried the healer heavy defense. That trick might work in gold, but it won’t keep you in platinum. Not anymore, anyway (might have worked a year ago). Hence why I long ago benched my Kashhrek, because he’s no longer viable at higher levels.

While I do still like bringing two healers for most of my attack teams, I’m not fond of putting more than one healer on defense. A smart attacker will just use them as “tile sponges” to charge up their specials.


In that case, go and find out…

This thread actually also to inspired to experiment with my defense a little, mainly to figure out how powerful telly is. i might try out different variations, like telly + four enemblemed 4 stars and such and see where i’m at on the next morning

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healers are super important in the telluria - Vela defense in plat.

If I switch out those Sharans (with lvl 1 2 star troops) with say a 300-400 TP non-healer like grimm or bane or… anything really, the cup drop happens way drastically. Sharans comfortably keep it at 2k, replacing 1 or 2 sharans with level 1 kiril/boldtusk/woolerton and you’ll rarely get under 2200 cups just from defense.

@diesdas might be interested too.


This is exactly what I do :rofl:

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LOL I see your problem. You’re using Sharans. Replace with Aifes. Problem solved.

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I love healer heavy defences and I raid in mid/high platinum. Just take out the few attackers and you can take free shots at the healers.

I would just use Boldtusk or Rigard and bring some firepower to the board. Attackers like Caedmon, Thibs and Grimm are solid and you can combine them with Mist and/or Brynhild.

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