Need input on defense setup

Can you let me what the best mix from the following for defense would be. Number of emblems in ()s.

Mist: 4/70 (1)
Grimm: 4/70 (19)
Frida: 3/70
Melandor: 4/70 (10)
Wilbur: 4/70 (9)
Rigard: 4/70 (10)
Brynhild: 4/70 (13)
Gourmek: 4/70
Scarlett: 4/70
Kiril: 4/70 (1) but have 195 additional emblems I can apply
Wu Kong: 4/70
Little John: 4/70

I’m a C2P so I have a pretty limited roster. Thanks for any input. I’m struggling to find an effective defensive team. My default is: Rigard, Wilbur, Brynhild, Mist, Grimm but have been playing with other configs.

Don’t put Wilbur on defence!!

There’s a bit too much passive there for my tastes - you need enough punch to kill attackers.

A few basic rules to start from (there are exceptions, but you won’t go far wrong):

  1. Don’t put healers on wings
  2. All ready specials fire left to right each turn - if you want them firing in a particular order (and you probably will), remember this.
  3. Fast mana on wings is best where possible, but buffers/debuffers will have more effect at flank (eg: Mist)
  4. Flanks don’t want to be too squishy where possible.
  5. Never double up the tank colour.

I’d try…
? - Mist - Brynhild - Grimm - Scarlett

To keep rainbow, the ? would be Rigard but he does nothing there.
There’s no ideal answer, maybe even put Gormek - at least if it fires the same turn as something else then defence debuff is active… And in terms of what you’d expect to attack the double red won’t get punished.

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You could try

Mist Kiril Brynhild Grimm Scarlett

At least the blues resist red stacks which target Brynhild

Problem is you don’t really have a noted 4 star tank like BT, Boril or Buddy. Although Brynhild does begin with B at least :smiley:

Thank you Bubbles and Infinite for the input.

Sweet - I just drew BT’s costume

Once I have BT leveled, what would my ideal defensive team be?

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