Brynhild vs Rigard

I want an opinion from you
My 1st team is Brynhild Gormek Mist Sonia and Obakan, recently i got rigard also which heals them all, im confused should i change rigard for bryhild or for Mist ? Others waiting to be upgraded are caedmon from greens and li xiu and Chao from yellow, which would be a good combination in this case

I can’t imagine not using Rigard. I have 2 of him at maximum and with maximum costume too. Brynhild is not one I honestly consider taking to events and raids unless I NEED to stack a green, or use a green healer (such as in trials).

I would always vote for Rigard, he has saved me so many times. So if you’re able to fully ascend him, I would do that, he is someone you will use for a loooong time, in all kinds of challenges (raids, events, wars etc)

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I have many healers but I’ve never had Rigard. But I consider Bryn to be one of the best healers in the game, she may only heal three but her buffs are so good, they are not to be ignored.

Depends on an application. If I’m facing annoying ailments, blinding from Hu Tao and Justice, DoT from Colen and Vela, -def from Grimm, Burt, or Isarnia etc., Rigard is very helpful. He is widely rigarded (get it?) as a 5* born in a 4* body. He is also very tanky, so you can rely on him lasting a while and giving you some very needed healing.

Hildi is one of my favorites, as well, but her role is a bit different. I like to put fragile and/or manaly-challenged heroes around her (like Grimm). She provides heal, protection from specials, and mana gen boost. She is reasonably tanky with good tile damage, but her best asset is that she is fast.

So all depends on what you prioritize right now, but at some point, I’m gonna max both.


Rigard. Especially since you can get costume for him which makes him better than quite a few 5*. Brynhild is not too shabby either, but Rigard is Rigard.

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I love my Brynhild, but Rig is tha man.


So in the case of my team i should change BRYN for rigard and keep mist ? Or take of mist and have rigard brynhold gormek sonia and obakan ?

You can try different combinations and base your choice of heroes on your opponenents team. But a fully leveled healer (that heals your whole team) is pretty much essential for almost every gamemode.

Depends on what you’re doing. In most cases, I find myself bringing 2 healers, so I’d put in both Hildi and Big Rig, close together, so Hildi can protect and boost Rig’s mana gen. As for the rest, it’s a case by case. I tailor my lineup based on the enemies. Sonya is good for her disspell if you’re up against Boril, BT, Cyp etc. Mist is great against Boril and Cyp as well, if you can fire her in time. She also does -def for special attacks, as well as mana slow. Gormek is, well, Gormek. I don’t have much experience playing him, but I don’t know if I’d bring him to offense. And I’m not sure what Obakan is all about.

I use my Brynhild A LOT. But…Rigard heals them all at a good amount. Keep Mist, she’s a different type than healer. Rig should be in there for sure.

I’ve got Brynhild on the ascent, and I’m really looking forward to trying her out in some war teams and maybe class trials to see how she is. I think I will like her. That said, the answer has got to be Rigard, especially with the costume that I am maxing now. Cleanse is so rare, although costumes are giving that skill to others now. At the moment, I have SEVEN Rigards on my roster - one at +20, two at 3^60, and four unleveled. Now that I have Sonya’s costume (cleanser) and a couple of copies of her laying around, I’ll probably eat a couple of Rigards, but I can legit see leveling three or four at least, and leveling the costume on every one. On my roster, there are also far fewer competitors for cleric emblems than rogue emblems.

As others have said, though, it depends on your opponent. I’m guessing, based on your team, that you are pretty new and don’t have a ton of depth to mix and match, but eventually, you’ll probably stack some colors and leave out others to give you and advantage on your opponent’s most annoying heroes. So eventually, you are going to level and use them both. But Rigard gets priority, imo. My first non-Sharon healer was Friar Tuck, and it’s unimaginably annoying to watch helplessly as one of your heroes dies just out of range of a “heals nearby” hero.

Like @Balltaser, I’m a two-healer kinda guy myself, which means ideally, I’d have 12 healers for war (which I don’t yet). I think you will use and like both of these heroes for a long time.

Yes h right im new on this game, i think when raid battles or war becomes hard two healers ar needed, especially on defense, maybe in attack i will use one only rigard and put mist for shutting down

For offense, one thing that worries me about your team is low tile damage (Rigard, Sonya, and Gormek all have relatively modest attk rating). What other 4* heroes do you have?

The real answer here is BOTH.

Both heroes will serve you well, even after you’re leveling your 2nd and 3rd teams of 5s.

Rigard holds a special place among TC20 heroes, his usefulness can’t be understated.

Bryn is the definition of power creep (sorry, Kashrek), and holds up in a lot of situations.

You won’t be using ‘the team’ for much longer. As your roster expands, you’ll have teams for all the things you do. Of course there’s a lot of crossover early on, but you’ll have teams for:

  1. farming in the world
  2. completing quests
  3. completing events
  4. various raid setups based on who you’re fighting
  5. titans <-- the single best source of ascension mats

“But what one should I use?” Max them both, test them both out ,and see where you like them.

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Caedmon li xiu chao scarlet kelile little john skiteskull and jack o hara i mentioned them all lol
Now figure out whose of them should be used :blush:

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If you run Scarlett, Kelile, or Little John, it might help tucking them next to Hildi as she might help them last longer. Scarlett has great tile damage Kelile hits them hard with her special. For defense, I’d probably run Li Xiu - Hildi - Gormek - Rigard - Sonya. How are you with ascensions? Is your Obakan fully ascended? If not yet, I’d give those traps to Rigard. Also, many of your 4*, when maxed, will be better than Obakan at 3.70.

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No its not maxed in fact i stoped him as i understood ill loose time with him and will let aside my 4* for defense yeah ill take ur suggestions as for attack what u think

Attack formation is very dependent on the enemy you are fighting. Things to keep in mind are:

  1. In PVP, the ‘tank’ (hero in the middle) takes up most of the damage and protects the flank, who in turn protect the wings. So usually, you stack strong color against the tank.

  2. Sometimes I also color stack against an uncomfortable hero, if they are on flank. I usually go 3-2 or 2-2-1. Guys like Rigard, Kashrek, Hu Tao, Little John, Vela, Colen etc. can make life very difficult, so I keep them in mind. If they are on wings i.e. well protected, I look for heroes with specials that can neuter or kill them.

  3. Pay attention to buffers, debuffers, DoT, and other ailments. I usually bring a cleanser and a disspeller because more often than not, I end up going against at least one buffer (BT, Kiril, Boril etc.) and/or debuff/ailment/DoT hero (Grimm, Burt, Gormek, Colen, Vela, Hu Tao etc.). So you may want to keep Rigard and Sonya/Caedmon close.

  4. Study your opponent. It might look boring, but part of the fun in this game is strategizing. Your opponent already has advantages: they gain mana fast, their defense is boosted (iirc), and they have positional advantage: tank, flank, wings. Order of your heroes doesn’t matter on offense, and your mana generation/tile damage relies largely on luck. The few things you can do to affect the outcome is to decide who to bring and how to use them. And for that, you need to know thy enemy. If it’s a new hero, you can view their cards before the match. You can also tap and hold on them during the match to see some stats and details. See how leveled they are, some of the scary ones are soft when they are at lower levels. Many players run 5* at 2.60, and they are nowhere near as scary as they are at full potential. So plan your attacks with that in mind.

Order absolutely matters in certain situations. The wing heroes get hit less by the “Target and nearby” enemy hitters. I like to put my weaker heroes or strong healer that I REALLY want to protect in the wings. Position matters also if you have a hero like Ares that buffs himself and nearby heroes. You obviously wouldn’t want Ares on the wing.

Context, bubba. I’m explaining the difference between the attacking team and defending team, and in the grand scheme of things, positioning of your attackers is almost insignificant next to the positioning of defense team, their skills, your board, your skills, color of the heroes…then waaaay down the list is where your guys stand.

So if you want to split hairs and say it matters, yeah, technically, it matters. But “absolutely” matters?! I’ve never lost a match because of where I put my heroes.
I adjust my heroes positioning based on my heroes, so I’d rather put my glass cannons under Hildi so she can protect them than on the wings chasing the minor probability, but that would go under understanding your own team.

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