Help! Next dark 5* ascension

Hey guys, I’ll have my second set of tabards shortly and as luck would have it… I have quite the selection of heroes to choose from.

Kunchen, Victor, Zulag, Freya, Aeron, Malicna & Quintus.

I’m leaning towards a defensive hero. So Kunch, Zulag & Freya are the top 3 i’m considering at this stage…

Love to hear some external thoughts from everyone!


Of those three, I find Freya to be the biggest pain.


If the 3 you are considering, I would lean towards either Kunchen or Freya.

While looking strictly at defense, Freya is the mire annoying hero to face, Kunchen can still tank reasonably well.

Moreover, Kunchen coyld be very useful against titans with his combination of a defense drop, healing, and cleansing (to remove the blind from yellow titans).

On offense, both would have their uses, though Freya’s speed will be very helpful.

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Those 20% ravens are a nightmare

I agree, but i still can’t help Zulag’s healing over time and massive defence up against special skills…

I have read though, that defence down on an enemy is much more valuable than upping your own defence…

Well. This is where we say to bring Zulag and Freya up to 3/70. Then see which one you like enough to ascend. The time you need to do that will hopefully get you on your way to more Tabards.

I should also say how annoying Kunchen can be. Freya and her minions still get the edge for me, but just due to speed.


I actually don’t find Zulag to be any trouble on defense. Mist or even Costumed Sabina completely shut her down.

Even a purple stack with Costumed Sabina can easily take a Zulag tank down with plenty of time to charge.

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My Zulag is there and is useful, Freya is at 2-50 so i haven’t used her yet. But everyone is a Freya fan (or the opposite if they don’t have her lol)

The speed of Freya is really hard to overlook… and I think she’ll provide a little more synergy on the teams i have too.

Thanks for the advice mate. Much appreciated!

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If i was to run Zulag, I’d use my Krampus as a tank, someone (not sure of colour) with riposte to reflect any damage Krampus takes and Zulag on the other flank to further up the defence…

But i agree that she’s easily overcome as a tank…

Freya is good at all aspects Attacking, defense and even titans with defense down and a high tile damage. IMO, kunchen is in second place and it’s not even close.

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Freya is great for defense raids maps events everything


In my honest opinion I would max out Freya first, then Kunchen and then Zulag.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Do you have other good minion heroes? If so, Freya’s minion buff makes them even better. She is still a great choices without another minion hero. I use her for everything in game. Kunchen over Zulag IMO due to heal all vs three. With formations out the picture for now he fits more scenarios.

so I see I have found the Freya fan club what if you have C-domitia,C-Quintus also sitting at 3-70, which once gets the purple dress? OR start Dr Moreau and give it to him?

I’ve got MN & Krampus at full strength for minions. The buff would definitely sync well with them. I think it’s a unanimous decision after taking everyone’s advice into account.


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