Wilbur and quintus

I heard these guys synergize well what do you guys think of a wilbur, quintus, proteus, costume rigard, X, team

Well theoretically any big AOE synergies well with Wilbur. My favourite is Elena (in my cards) cause they share colour

Actually getting the tiles you need for this combo before one or both are dead seems like a challenge, and of all the AOE vanilla 5s, I think Quintus is probably the least respected.

Adding a Proteus for his ability to call a time out, and Rigard for his buff and heal, seem like good ideas given the time it will take to get this combo to the starting line, so good thinking there

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Do you want to use this team on defense or offense? I definitely wouldn’t use them in defense because you’d make yourself too vulnerable to holy stacking.

Theoritically, the only effective way of using slow S1 5* is by using Wilbur.

Not only Wilbur make them survive long enough to collect mana. He also amplify the damage.

While sniper suffer unable to kill 1 opponent because damage sharing the enemy got, AoE hero do not.

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Add boldtusk for x

Proteus Boldtusk quintus wilbur rigardcostume

Has baseheal, heal over time, manacontrol, incoming damage control and defense buff (wilbur) and mana control :wink:

Should work quite fine, maybe eben sumle or colen instead of boldtusk for more fun wilbur-powerdamage :slight_smile:

Edit: i do sometimes for fun play boldtusk wilbur elena azlar sumle
12 red tiles = 100% win :slight_smile: