Wilbur and Proteus in war?

Hello, all. Thanks, as always, for your willingness to provide me with some clear insight on which direction to take :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing for approximately 1 year already, time flies. This past Atlantis, I was able to pull 2 of the 4 star heroes that I see talked about a lot, and I did read up on their posts on here: Proteus and Wilbur.

From what I’ve read about these 2 utility heroes, what I gather is that Wilbur is great for titans and proteus works wonders for NPC battles. As I’m still trying to complete a solid war lineup, I’m wondering about their worth in war.

With Wilbur I’m reading that he’s best paired with a strong 2-1 punch, such as Joon and Jackal (I happen to have them both). Does that sound correct? (talking war only). If so would this lineup call for 2 healers or 1 to be most efficient, or a 3rd heavy hitter such as Grimm?

Proteus… for war? Looks like he’s great to feed nana potions to and keep mobs from using their special, but is he worth maxing out in terms of war? What kind of lineup would make him the most efficient?

Finally, would they ever be paired on the same war team? Shared damage with a frozen healer does sound pretty powerful? So we’d be looking at Jackal, Joon, Wilbur, Proteus, Melendor…

Thanks for your input!! :heart::grin:

It’s not a good idea to run Wilbur (-44% defence) with a hero such as Grimm (-34% defence) because he can overwrite Wilbur’s debuff.
I personally think that Wilbur works best with AoE heroes, but there are different opinions on the matter.

Proteus can be in pretty much any team on offence. Just don’t combine him with Sartana since she’ll overwrite his DoT.

Bear in mind that if you fire Melendor after Wilbur, he’ll dispel the shared damage of enemies. You can use that to your advantage, though.


there’s no particular benefit in stacking wilbur and proteus for alliance wars IMO. I’d put wilbur in a red stack, and proteus in a purple stack and go 3-2. Both are great heroes either way, if you don’t have enough 5 star heroes to last all the battles.

I use Wilbur in a mono red stack with Boldie, Falcon and 2 others like Anzogh, Scarlett or Kelile. Before, I used him with AoE or hit 3 and Wu Kong, because even if the heroes miss a bit with Wu Kong, everyone received huge damage (if they don’t miss all opponents, of course). But Wu Kong for wars is a bit…meh :slight_smile:

Proteus is good in almost any team despite those heroes who depend on maximized mana - Hansel, Gretel, Merlin for example. With Sartana maybe not that good, as mentioned before, but as long as there are more than 3 heroes standing, it’s not so much of a problem. I use him in a blue-purple 3-2 stack with Rigard, but he also pairs well with mana cutters - if the opponent has gained mana, Proteus is fired and then you can cut the mana down to 0 :smiley:

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Both are key heroes for events. Wilbur for both epic and legendary (when red is allowed) and Proteus for epic.

Wilbur is also a key hero for red stack and titan teams.

Wilbur can substitute for battle items like time stops and hurricanes against titans if you have problems staying alive. Just bring mana pots and keep his shield up till you work the board in your favor.

Both die fast when going against emblemed 5s and 4s. Proteus is actually weaker than Hel at 3-70. Wilbur will need all your emblems unless you have to give them to Wu. Proteus could be a little harder, but beef up his health and armor if you can.

Congrats on 2 great heroes.

That’s not an issue anymore once you emblem them. They’re key heroes, they’re 100% worth the emblems.


Absolutely. I meant just as base heroes, they die fast.

I have my Wilbur soft-capped at 18 as well. He is a permeant fixture of my red mono team and green titan team. Proteus, unfortunately, doesn’t have any emblems as the competition for them is too high.

I know what you mean, stil I prioritized Proteus before Sartana, Isarnia and Kiril and I’d do it again in a heart beat any day. Proteus is just too important to me.


My Kiril was +12 and is back to +7 because of Proteus. And I have many Kirils, Sartana and Anzogh for these emblems…my Proteus is on +17 now, then I can decide again, who’ll get the emblems after him - no dupe on my main account.
My alt has 3 Proteii and still no Kiril etc. after almost a year of gameplay, easy choice there :smiley:

My Proteus is +19. In wars and raids, I usually use him with 1 or 2 other Purples. he’s great for stalling the enemy while I get rid of useless tiles / charge my other heroes’ specials up. and at +19 he almost always survives to fire at least once.

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I have a +19 Proteus as well, and he and Rigard have been a fixture on my attack team for EVERYTHING. A single cast by him can turn the tide in war. Shut down over half the team and damage them, and now you can hit them with weak tiles or tiles you don’t have the color for with impunity.

Don’t have Wilbur still, but he’s one of the only 4* I still fear.

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