Wilbur and Quintus Special Combo?

So I have recently shared to use a new team and I’ve decided to use both Wilbur and Quintus, until I realized that Wilbur’s ability shares the damage of all enemies between them. This is what I need to figure out

So with Quintus he currently deals 245% damage to all enemies which is great but if I use this with Wilbur what will happen?

As the damaged will be shared will it hit and split to 49% each X5 for each enemy?

So kinda what I am trying to say is using Wilbur then Quintus will it reduce his overall damage due to the shared damage

I hope this makes sense

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Each hit of 245% will be split between all enemies. The damage will be the same across enemies before the added damage from wilbur’s def down.

The damage won’t be reduced due to shared damage, it will be even out across all enemies.

Imagine you first use Wilbur special and then Quintus special.

Because of Quintus special (and if shared damage is not apllied) damage could be (I’m making up numbers):

Enemy 1: 500 damage
Enemy 2: 400 damage
Enemy 3: 300 damage
Enemy 4: 200 damage
Enemy 5: 100 damage

But since shared damage is active, it will be

500 / 5 = 100 damage each enemy
400 / 5 = 80 damage each enemy
300 / 5 = 60 damage each enemy
200 / 5 = 40 damage each enemy
100 / 5 = 20 damage each enemy

Add all and you will have 100 + 80 + 60 + 40 + 20 = 300 damage each enemy

So 1500 damage total, which is the same than adding all five initial damages without sharing.

Would he be useful in this team eg a team that mainly focuses on attacking all or does he really make no difference

Good explanation, but in case 2 with Wilbur’s special active, the total damage inflicted will be greater because of the -44% defense the enemies now have… so it’s a good combo I think. I also like to combine AoE hitters with Wilbur, or try to have dispel ready to remove the enemy’s shared damage.

In the current rush attack raid tournament, I’m using Wilbur and Little John together in most attacks, a great combo also… especially with LJ’s mana slowing effect. :slight_smile:

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Quintus is a slow hero with high AOE damage and lowish defense and HP stats. Even at 4/80, 90% of the cases he goes down without casting. At 1/45 the chances to cast his special are close to zero… Wilbur may help in keeping him alive a little bit longer, but coordinating Quintus’ special within four turns of Wilbur’s, will be extremely difficult for that team… Same goes for Hu Tao… Slow heroes in wing positions rarely get to cast their special.

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Ah yes to @Ian487’s point, I should clarify there is a big difference between offense and defense, I was thinking about offense more… that’s where I find Wilbur most useful anyway, and you have better control over who fires when of course.

I agree on defense it’s going to be a little bit different, and yes it will be hard to charge the slow mana guys in the wing positions. Also you’d want Wilbur to be on their left to fire first, in case multiple heroes have their specials charged at the same time.

Also, while I like reflect, the Boril’s effect will be diminished to some degree by Wilbur’s defense boost… maybe not the best synergy there. I think I would choose either Wilbur as a tank, or Boril, and not have both on the same team.

Their positioning is just temp I am yet to use the temp so it can be changed is there anyone you would suggest over Boril

Kiril could be good since you don’t have a healer in that lineup… except Kiril’s defense boost would overwrite the higher defense boost from Wilbur, which can be a downside but IMHO not a super huge one. If you don’t mind color stacking (which on defense, I only like to do normally with the flanks in the contrasting color behind the tank), then actually Boldtusk pairs nicely with Wilbur also.

This is an excellent thread to help you understand Wilbur


Dead enemies

Each enemy will get the extra -44% def debuff and it will not be shared

I’ve been using a Wilbur Colen combo add wu in there for decimation.

When using Wilbur with another Aoe, I will bring in another dispeller. If their special ever ready at the same time, Wilbur fire, Caedmon or Sonya dispel, and Quintus almost clear the field due to the non-presence of Wilbur’s spirit link.
Wu Kong is another good addition but with him, its a gamble. You either win a fight you should have lose or lose a fight you should have won…lol.

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